The Undertaker reveals his new goal after WWE retirement

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The Undertaker reveals his new goal after WWE retirement

WWE Legend, The Undertaker recently spoke to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and during his interview, he was asked several times what he thought of the current productions of the federation to which he is so attached, but the answer was rather negative or in any case hiding from some uncertainties about some choices.

Among the reasons cited by the Deadman, what indicated the WWE product as "soft" did not take a back seat, clarifying that we also have some difficulties in following the shows that are given to us week after week.

Reflecting on the differences between his era and the current one, the person is known in the registry as Mark Calaway admitted: "In my day, WWE was very different. The men you met in the dressing rooms were really tough, even carrying guns and knives, but today I also notice excessive use of videogames before the show and much more attention to physical appearance.

It will be evolution, God forbid. But I preferred it when real men met."

Could The Undertaker have his own TV show?

Faced with this thought of The Undertaker, there was no shortage of reactions from all the wrestling web and among the many comments that of Xavier Woods, who probably felt called into question for his well-known passion for video games.

Here is his tweet, with translation attached: "I would not have been the person I am today without the teachings and advice given to me by the people who took part in this business before me. They taught me how to move around it, how to manage my money and that having videogames in the locker room is much healthier...

Thanks, guys." A subtle answer then to The Undertaker, who has come under the spotlight with his statements recently. Sure the WWE product has changed a lot, but dressing room management is most likely the least of the problems (if any) of the Stamford-based federation.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, The Undertaker said his current plan is to enjoy his life outdoors. He also expects to mentor some of WWE’s up-and-coming Superstars. “I’ve dedicated my whole life to this business.

There’ll be times when I help out and maybe mentor some guys, but I’ve gotta find out what I’m passionate about and still earn a living. Right now my goal is to be the best outdoorsman I can be at this point.

I’ve always loved hunting and fishing and doing all that, I just haven’t had time”. The likes of John Cena, The Rock, and Steve Austin have hosted their own television shows in recent years. The Undertaker is open to following in their footsteps, but only if the job does not feel too much like work.

“I’ve thought about it. Undertaker Outdoors, right? I think it’d be a hoot, actually. I’ve thought about it and I don’t want it to be a job-job. I enjoy it too much, I’d hate to lose the fact that, ‘I don’t want to go hunting, I don’t want to go…’ you know. But I’m open to whatever”.