Edge Talks about Why He Liked Entering Rumble Early

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Edge Talks about Why He Liked Entering Rumble Early

On a recent episode of Inside The Ropes, legendary wrestler Edge talked about why he liked entering the Royal Rumble match early:s "I think that's the key, if you're one of the pieces of thread through the Rumble, then yeah, it makes for a more difficult, challenging night," Edge said, "But that's what you want to be!

I always loved if I was gonna get to be #2 and be in there at #22, because that means, at some point every talent is going to go through you and you're basically going to be in there for the greatest hits as every character rolls through.

And hopefully you're in there when, I don't know, Jake the Snake comes out, or something, and you can take the short arm clothesline, or Booker T, or take your pick. I always enjoyed the rumble from that aspect. "I was always bummed if I was only gonna be in there for 5 minutes," Edge admitted.

"I was like, 'Man I want to get in there and be one of the [last superstars remaining].' There are always great storylines throughout. And it generally happens that there's a talent that's been in there for a while, or Kofi finds his niche and comes up with some kind of crazy, spectacular, absolutely creative way to be Kofi every year.

And now Naomi is doing it! That's what I love about the Rumble is you get these little stories within the stories, within the story, within the story. I always really really enjoyed that. But it can be tough, for sure. There's a lot of responsibility if you're one of those people."