The Undertaker gives a major update about his WWE contract status

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The Undertaker gives a major update about his WWE contract status

In the edition of Survivor Series aired last November, WWE dedicated the entire edition of the autumn Big Four to his Deadman, exactly 30 years after his in-ring debut with the McMahon company, with The Undertaker who thus decided to retire in the event that three decades earlier had seen him make his debut in the most famous rings in the world of the pro-wrestling discipline.

Although many fans and many insiders were convinced that the time of retirement had not yet arrived for him, Undertaker has definitively hung up his boots, deciding to stay at home with his family, ending his commitments in the rings forever.

WWE after a fantastic Boneyard match against AJ Styles, at Wrestlemania 36. After formalizing his retirement in front of the Survivor Series cameras, the Deadman also confirmed in his last interview that he is no longer a wrestler, formalizing the fact that WWE has changed his contract and will therefore no longer be able to take part in the matches if it is not changed.

The Undertaker's last WWE match

Even at the bureaucratic level, now, The Undertaker can be defined as retired, given that on the microphones of the Joe Rogan Experience show, Mark Calaway said: "Before they changed my contract - now I'm no longer a talent, I'm a legend - I only worked for them two or three times a year, but I was still under contract on a regular basis.

Under contract on a regular basis, it means that I also had to take tests and I had to come out clean and therefore I had to have at least four urine tests and two blood tests every year. I couldn't make it to the end of the year when they phoned me and said 'go to the laboratory to do the urinalysis' I may not have been in the ring for six or seven months, but I still had to go and they would read in the diary and say 'oh, we forgot about him' So I would go there, take the test, but we were still only three tests.

So, for sure, the next day they would call me again and say 'go back to the lab' So totally random and I had to come back, that's why I never tested positive until the end. I know what protocol to follow and if there was anyone who could get away with it, that was me, but I never got out of line."

Although The Undertaker is no longer a WWE Superstar, apparently wrestling will always remain in his blood, with the legendary fighter who will continue in one way or another to circle the WWE, with an official role or not.

The Undertaker had his last, and what could now be his final, WWE match last year at WrestleMania 36. He faced AJ Styles in a cinematic-style Boneyard match that was the main event of the Night One of WrestleMania 36. The Undertaker defeated The Phenomenal One in that match.

There were rumors that his 'Final Farewell' segment at WWE Survivor Series 2020 could lead to yet another feud. However, nothing as such happened. With The Undertaker confirming that he is under a legends contract now, it seems that The Phenom doesn't plan to make a return and is actually retired.