The Undertaker reveals why he isn't enjoying WWE's product

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The Undertaker reveals why he isn't enjoying WWE's product

Having retired permanently from his in-ring career, The Undertaker is now relaxing and resting in his Texas home in the company of his family, with the legendary WWE gravedigger who, after working for the McMahon-owned company for 30 years, now has finally decided to stop with the long battles of the federation, even letting himself go a bit in his latest interviews, where he completely abandoned his mysterious and taciturn character.

In fact, in the latest interviews, Mark Calaway told several anecdotes about the WWE backstage and its history, with fans who were shocked and amazed by what were the frank and frank words of the Deadman, which until now he had never let himself go to such statements, above all to keep intact the mystical aura that his on-screen character must have had in the collective imagination.

The Undertaker called time on his career at last year's Survivor Series

As you all know by now, WWE has started a project for several years to find out if its wrestlers use prohibited substances such as drugs, non-prescription drugs, steroids and much more, with a program called Wellness Program, which goes to suspend wrestlers who are caught positive for some substance banned by WWE and its medical staff.

In his latest interview with the Joe Rogan Experience, The Undertaker wanted to explain what the situation was like in WWE before the federation started with this program, saying: "Well, the main reason was the prescription drugs.

They started circulating early, it was the early 90s. They (WWE ed) didn't want wrestlers to get caught with weed in the car, so they turned a blind eye. The second time they gave you a little more and the third time you got caught, they sent you to rehab.

What they didn't expect, though, is how far this situation would lead, with the kids drinking and continuing to take lots of pills, because you had to somehow cover up the pain of the years of struggle. So, there were a lot of kids overdosed.

In the end, they decided to put in a protocol that would go to safeguard everything. We didn't have the doctors traveling with us at that time, we didn't even have the coaches with us. We now travel with trainers, coaches and doctors.

There are all kinds of protocols. Once if you didn't fight you didn't get paid, if you had an injury same story. Fortunately, our industry has made many steps forward." The Undertaker was brutally honest while talking about WWE's current product on the latest edition of Joe Rogan's podcast.

While chatting with Rogan, The Deadman opened up on what the company churns out, and how he is struggling to enjoy it as a fan. He said that there has been a lot of changes to the product and said it is a bit "soft."

“I’ll probably pi** a lot of people off, but they need to hear it. There’s too much pretty and not enough substance”. said The Undertaker.