Drew McIntyre on WWE's testing policy

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Drew McIntyre on WWE's testing policy

There is a lot of anticipation for the match that will take place at the next Royal Rumble and will be valid for the WWE Championship title between the champion Drew McIntyre and the returning Bill Goldberg. The event will be held on January 31st and will be the first major Pay per View of 2021, very important together with the umpteenth clash between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens and above all the "Royal Brawl" which will involve 30 of the best WWE wrestlers.

Goldberg returned to the federation at Raw Legends Night, an evening that saw the return of many legends and where Da Man challenged the champion for the title: the following week Drew McIntyre had to challenge Randy Orton on Raw for the title, but everything was canceled due to the unexpected Coronavirus positivity of Scottish Psychopath which slowed the growth of this clash, especially on the verbal level.

On the next Monday Night Raw Drew McIntyre should return to the show and in view of the Royal Rumble, there could be new situations regarding the history with Goldberg.

Drew McIntyre on WWE's testing policy

Recently during an interview on The Arash Markazi Show, the WWE Champion talked about this upcoming challenge that awaits him, a challenge that represents almost a dream for him: "I remember when I was 13 I was in the game, I created the character and I challenged Goldberg, now I have the possibility to challenge Bill in real life.

I was a big supporter of him and what is happening to me is surreal. When he pushed me I got up and thought 'This is Goldberg. I thought I'm finally ready for him and I want him to be 100%. We both have to be at our best to face this challenge."

During the show, Drew McIntyre also talked about how happy he is that WWE has discovered his positivity in advance and thanks to this there will be no risk that he could infect other characters. Drew McIntyre further revealed that he is grateful for WWE's testing policy and that his positive diagnosis was done before he came to work and that prevented him from passing it to anyone.

Drew McIntyre then gave an important message to everyone, urging them to follow all the guidelines and safety measures. "But that's not the thing I'm most grateful for. I think I'm most grateful for WWE's testing policy.

You know, throughout the whole pandemic, we've constantly been involved with the times up in our tests, and we caught my positive diagnosis before I was able to go to work, pass it to one of my colleagues, I may have passed it to one of their high-risk family members.

So I'm very grateful they were able to catch it and I was able to give the message as well that I've been doing everything you can possibly do. I've been wearing my mask and social distancing, and I still got it.

If it can happen to me, it can literally happen to anyone. I want to let everyone know, let's just keep following all the guidelines that are out there right now. Let's do what we can because it's the only way we're going to get rid of this thing. But I'm good, thank you for asking."