WWE working on bigger ideas for WrestleMania 37

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WWE working on bigger ideas for WrestleMania 37

When it comes to January for any wrestling fan the Road To WrestleMania begins and the news on social media is born galore. In fact, since this month, both fans and the federation have been trying to prepare themselves in the best possible way for a great event of the most important show of our favorite sport-entertainment, the organization of which is a really hard job for the professionals.

In addition to the choreographic majesty that WrestleMania gives us, this PPV has often been flanked by great characters who with their stage presence have literally made fans from all over the world jump for joy both at home and in the arena and except for program changes, this too year we could witness all this, having a taste of normality that we have been waiting for in glory for months now.

WWE working on bigger ideas for WrestleMania 37

According to the latest speculations reported by some American sites, in fact, WWE would have in mind to insert four cartel matches in its card, two for each evening. In this regard, the Stamford-based federation is also said to have in mind to recall some Legends who with their name and their aura could increase the number of tickets sold and the hype inherent in every supporter of the product.

WresteVotes in fact tweeted that "Once the decision has been made to split the event into two nights, the Creative Team would like to make some important and great ideas real. WWE would like to have four main matches for this edition of WrestleMania, two for each evening.

This could involve the assistance and the use of some famous names, such as John Cena, of course, Goldberg, probably The Rock and for Taker nothing has been defined yet." Obviously, the role of Undertaker could be used for the creation and organization of some rivalries, relying on his experience in the field, especially with regard to the Showcase Of Immortals.

For all the others, however, their return in-ring cannot be ruled out. It was noted that since Fastlane is on March 21st, then it’s likely that WWE won’t let fans know about a majority of WrestleMania matches yet.

They will likely announce those during the span of time between Fastlane and WrestleMania. "For the first time ever, they are doing a PPV show 20 days before Mania. That also means that at least some key matches won’t be announced until after the final PPV show."

The company has a lot of possibilities, and the Royal Rumble matches will obviously take care of two WrestleMania main events. The company has two nights to fill, and they are looking at around three hours each night. We will have to see what they do, but the company still has more time to not know what they’re doing.