WWE programming may be affected following the shutdown of NBC Sports Network

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WWE programming may be affected following the shutdown of NBC Sports Network

Over the past year, WWE has also focused heavily on NXT as USA Network's Wednesday night show had become the Stamford-based company's main weapon to knock down the TV ratings of WWE's rival company, AEW, which in the same day and in the same time slot it has always broadcast Dynamite, its only main weekly program.

In a war almost always lost by the WWE, also given the huge contribution of views brought by Sting after his sensational debut at Dynamite, the McMahons have always continued to hold NXT on Wednesday, so as to stem the ratings of the rival company as much as possible, that if he had broadcast his Dynamite solo, he might have garnered many more viewers, with the WWE's main concern being that his fanbase would expand even further.

WWE programming may be adversely affected by NBC's decision to shut down its NBC Sports Network cable station.

The USA Network was unhappy with WWE

It is fresh news a few hours ago, that the famous American network NBC Sports, has dropped the existing contracts with two famous American sports (and not only), namely the NHL and NASCAR, both very popular in the USA, with the Network that broadcasts NXT which would already be close to an agreement with the two sports worlds to be able to stage their shows.

Should USA Network reach the signing of a contract with NHL and NASCAR, what begins to risk the most is WWE's Wednesday night product or NXT. According to some insiders, NXT could in fact lose its spot in primetime on Wednesday evening, as the NHL's most important matches are aired on Wednesday evening, with WWE having to "settle" for another day.

of the week or even a different time slot, with the show that could thus lose several loyal viewers. At the moment, however, nothing is official yet, but the risk is there and it seems to be big. The main concern of WWE, however, remains to leave AEW Dynamite "alone", with the flagship show of the Khan family that would thus have the green light to be able to do whatever it wants on Wednesday night, so there will be no more war.

with NXT, who could nibble a few points in the TV ratings on the show with Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Cody Rhodes. Towards the end of 2020, it was revealed that the USA Network was unhappy with the WWE, with specific regard to its Monday Night RAW show.

The show is aired on the USA Network, and officials were not happy with the all-time low ratings for one of RAW's episodes last month. You can read more about it here. With the editions of NASCAR, NHL and EPL content on the USA Network, WWE will have its work cut out if it hopes to keep officials happy. How do you think the news of these new editions will affect WWE? Let us know down below.