Roman Reigns on his character development

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Roman Reigns on his character development

Before experiencing the ThunderDome and bringing audiences back to the arenas, albeit virtually, WWE had to fight the rampant health emergency by recording the Raw and SmackDown episodes at the Performance Center. A decidedly inferior location in terms of size, which also hosted the past edition of WrestleMania and which would seem to have not gone to Roman Reigns at all.

Recently interviewed on Fox Sports' microphones, the current Universal Champion expressed his displeasure, outspoken, calling the shows "complete rubbish"

Roman Reigns on his character development

"I tried to watch them when I was at home and was focused on my family's health, but I really struggled.

I saw a few and they seemed like complete rubbish. It is not a lack of respect towards those who were doing everything to get the deck, but something was wrong. I wanted to give my contribution to make them better. The whole context did not seem suitable to me, you know what I mean?" Roman Reigns took part in some episodes at the Performance Center and then took a long break and returned in the summer of last year, starting his heel path that led him to win the Universal Championship.

The Big Dog was ousted from the WrestleMania card, where he would have to face Goldberg, and the situation had a great media echo even outside the wrestling world. Many thought that his decision to return home had compromised relations with Vince McMahon, but it did not.

At the moment WWE is continuing to record its shows without the physical presence of the public, but the internal hope is that everything will change starting with WrestleMania 37. The Company would strongly like to bring fans back to the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

in Florida, obviously in a staggered manner, and to put tickets on sale shortly, but everything will depend on the health emergency. Furthermore, we must not overlook the fact that the mandates of the new US president Joe Biden could jeopardize the shows, especially with regard to the international flights factor.

During his babyface run, Roman Reigns was consistently booed by fans, but WWE refused to turn him heel, despite getting many chances to do so. Reigns, however, stated that he wanted to tap into a different level of character work, but that he wasn't allowed to do so.

"So, it was one of those things where it was like, "Man, I want to do this because I know I can tap into a different level of character work. I know I can create so many more layers as a performer if they allow me to do this" but the numbers just wouldn’t let me.

When the opportunity came I jumped on it. It was kind of a team discussion. Obviously, you gotta have the big man involved and gotta have the blessing from him. But, it just all seemed to work out with perfect timing," said Reigns.