WWE might still call The Undertaker for WrestleMania 37

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WWE might still call The Undertaker for WrestleMania 37

After 30 years of in-ring activity, WWE's Phenom, The Undertaker, has finally decided to quit wrestling wrestling, after a career that any fellow Deadman can only envy him, with the now 55-year-old wrestler taking advantage of his situation.

physics now compromised enough to permanently hang up his boots, staying at home with his family, after a life of sacrifice spent in the WWE rings. In last year's edition of the Survivor Series, which aired just a few months ago, WWE left the main event at the Undertaker, to be able to greet their audience and their colleagues and friends, with a legendary retreat that no one has ever had throughout the history of wrestling.

In the last few hours, rumors about the Showcase of the Immortals and about who will be there or not on the most awaited night of the year by fans of the WWE Universe have begun to chase as always. Since WWE has decided to divide the WrestleMania 37 card into two evenings this year, as happened last April with the 36th edition of the show, now the company also needs a more conspicuous number of large Star in order to cover more show hours.

Update on The Undertaker's future

If the names of John Cena and Bill Goldberg seem to be quite certain at the moment, despite Cena having numerous problems related to his projects outside the federation, that of The Undertaker had been excluded by fans and insiders as a candidate name for Wrestlemania, precisely for the withdrawal arrived only last November.

Apparently, however, in the last few hours the hypothesis that the gravedigger could return to the Showcase of the Immortals would have come forward, if the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, simply lifted the phone asking for him.

The finale of the docu-series dedicated to him, The Last Ride, where Mark Calaway says that he believes he is retired only until Vince's call, in fact, is the mirror of what would be the real situation at the moment, with The Undertaker that could unexpectedly reappear at Wrestlemania, if only Vince asked him.

For the moment, however, there would be nothing official or unofficial, but if things get bad for WrestleMania, according to several insiders, Vince would always have the ace in the hole called Undertaker, with the Chairman who in fact, it has never discarded the hypothesis of being able to use it once again on-screen despite the withdrawal.