Former WWE Champion wants to challenge Drew McIntyre

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Former WWE Champion wants to challenge Drew McIntyre

After being tested positive for covid-19 and then spending two weeks in quarantine at home, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre returned to work normally, not having received even a symptom of the pandemic disease, returning to tread the company rings.

for the federation's Indian special: WWE Superstar Spectacle. In the main event of the special that will air on January 26 on the WWE Network and on Indian TV, in fact, the Scottish champion of Raw has joined forces with the Indian tag team of NXT, the Indus Sher, beating the trio of athletes only of Indian origins composed of Jinder Mahal and the Bollywood Boyz.

After taking part in the main event of the special dedicated to the Indian people, Jinder Mahal, however, wanted to launch his challenge to the reigning champion of Monday Night Raw, who formed the WWE 3MB with Mahal, together with the ex of the federation Heath Slater.

Former WWE Champion wants to challenge Drew McIntyre

In his latest interview with WWE India, where obviously the former WWE Champion went to sponsor the special dedicated to the television screens of his country of origin that will air in a few days, the athlete who has not been seen for months on the WWE rings in the weekly tapings he also said: "Absolutely, you know Drew McIntyre is a dear friend of mine.

You know, it can be said that he is almost a brother to me, but we must not forget that he now has the WWE Championship. So, friendship aside, business is business. Titles are titles. Legacies are legacies and he is now a two-time WWE Champion.

I don't want to be alone, a two-time WWE Champion, but a three-time, four-time, ten-time WWE Champion and more. Sometimes you have to put friendship aside and make it happen in the ring what has to happen in the ring."

After months of absence from the Stamford-based company's square, Jinder Mahal is thus back on the WWE scene with arrogance, with a development on the Indian market that could truly restore Mahal to the glories of a few years ago, when the heel athlete even managed to become WWE Champion, also making a long reign in Smackdown, before returning however to oblivion.

During a recent interview with WWE Now India, Jinder Mahal spoke about three exciting young Superstars he was interested in getting a look at during Superstar Spectacle. These included the two giants - Giant Zanjeer and Dilsher Shanky: "I hear we have a special high-flyer from India even and I'm very excited to see him.

Also, there are two giants that we have [Giant Zanjeer and Dilsher Shanky], excited to see them. They almost remind me of a young Great Khali."