Jon Moxley chooses a winner between The Undertaker and Sting

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Jon Moxley chooses a winner between The Undertaker and Sting

One of the most requested matches in WWE Universe history was the one between The Undertaker and Sting. It has been talked about for several months and even years, but for one reason or another it never went on stage. The two challenged each other in 1990 when the Deadman performed as Mark Callous, but there was never a meeting as the two played their most famous characters.

In the finale of last year, The Undertaker officially announced his retirement from the world of wrestling while Sting is back, with a sensational move that shocked all fans in All Elite Wrestling. Intervention during an interview with Jon Moxley, former Dean Ambrose in WWE, spoke of many themes and also of this hypothetical match.

Why did The Undertaker vs. Sting never happen?

This meeting will never happen, but Jon Moxley talked about this story: "I guess first of all it would have depended a lot on when, where and how Sting and The Undertaker would compete.

I would have seen both of them in their prime in WWE and assuming Sting was going to be the classic good guy in history I think he would have won. I also say this because it is he who is now in my group and it is always nice to see him around here.

I definitely say this WCW match would have been horrible, they would have ruined everything anyway. Sting? I've never worked with him but maybe who knows, one day we'll do something." In a question and answer with the fans on IGN, it was the Undertaker himself who talked about this hypothetical meeting with Sting.

In this regard, he in fact declared: "I understand that the fans often think about this. Sting was in WCW for some time but then he went elsewhere and the chances of our meeting have closed. I actually think this match is quite more enjoyable in how people see it than it actually would be.

It's one of those classic challenges that people will always talk about." Sting competed in WWE pay-per-view matches against Triple H and Seth Rollins in 2015. However, a long-awaited match against The Undertaker never came to fruition.

The Undertaker has repeatedly said in out-of-character media interviews that he did not feel that the match could live up to the hype. Sting has not competed in a match since he lost against Seth Rollins at WWE Night of Champions 2015.

He is set to team with Darby Allin against Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in a street fight at AEW Revolution on February 27.