Daniel Bryan explains why some WWE Superstars choose to stay in NXT

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Daniel Bryan explains why some WWE Superstars choose to stay in NXT

Starting September 18, 2019, NXT - which was initially a WWE Network exclusive - airs Wednesdays on the USA Network (and its duration has increased by one hour from the show's origins). In addition, another NXT branch will be introduced in 2021, namely NXT India, which will also have its own exclusive roster, this time from India.

Interviewed by Michael Morales Torres for Lucha Libre Online, former heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan analyzed the differences between the Raw and SmackDown shows and those of NXT. Specifically, the wrestlers who enter the main roster receive higher compensation in order to better support their families.

Daniel Bryan on the difference between NXT and the main roster

“The benefits of joining the main roster are pretty obvious: our increased visibility around the world means you get paid better and can support your family, plus you have more guarantees for the future and things like that.

There are many positive aspects of landing on the main roster, which is also able to enhance your talent. For the rest, I think one of the most interesting aspects of NXT is that it represents a different product than SmackDown and Raw ”- he explained.

Daniel Bryan also talked about why many superstars want to stay in WWE's so-called 'development territory' "The other interesting fact is that some are convinced they can have a great career without ever making it to the main roster.

If you think of people like Johnny Gargano or Tommaso Ciampa, it is clear that their goal is to stay at NXT to become the symbols of that brand." Daniel Bryan is currently considered one of the main favorites to win the Royal Rumble match.

“Winning the Royal Rumble no longer guarantees presence in the WrestleMania main event as it once was. We must also consider that now there are two different Royal Rumble matches in the same PPV," he concluded. What Daniel Bryan said is true.

Both RAW and SmackDown would have more to offer in terms of financial stability, considering the worldwide exposure both shows have. However, NXT does offer more creative freedom, and the product has looked more appetizing to the pure wrestling fan off late.

WWE has clearly done a great job in developing all three of its main brands. Each brand has something different to offer a WWE Superstar and as such, continues to make WWE the pinnacle of the professional wrestling business. If you were a professional wrestler, which brand would you choose to go to? Let us know in the comments section below.