Becky Lynch shares an adorable photo with baby daughter

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Becky Lynch shares an adorable photo with baby daughter

One of the faces most missing from the rings of the number one federation in the pro-wrestling world, WWE, is certainly that of the former champion of the Monday night red show: Becky Lynch. After the announcement of a pregnancy, given live on Monday Night Raw immediately after Asuka's Money in the Bank victory, Becky Lynch had to leave the ring of the McMahon company to take care of herself and the little Roux, who had been growing in her belly for a few months already.

Already during Wrestlemania, in fact, Becky Lynch was unknowingly pregnant and fortunately, no bump or fall received in her match against Shayna Baszler had caused damage to her baby. After giving birth to her and Seth Rollins' eldest daughter, Becky Lynch has not appeared in any WWE photos or videos or even shared photos of the baby girl, until this picture.

In view of the match of fellow countryman Conor McGregor last night, who unfortunately went down in the second round, losing by KO, Becky Lynch still wanted to support the MMA champion, posting a photo on her Instagram profile.

Becky Lynch in WWE

The reference is obviously intended to the fact that both the former WWE Champion girl and Conor McGregor are compatriots, with the beautiful Becky Lynch who also wanted to include little Roux in the count of the Irish champions supporting the MMA athlete at that time.

Apparently, however, Becky Lynch's wish did not have the desired effect, with McGregor collapsing to the mat only in the second round, sensationally losing his long-awaited match. What WWE fans are expecting now is to know when Becky Lynch or maybe even her future husband Seth Rollins will make her return to the Stamford federation rings, with the Royal Rumble now around the corner, which could be the perfect opportunity to see both, together, once again treading the McMahon rings after months.

In addition to being an incredibly hard worker, who has gone through a lot to reach where she's at currently, Becky Lynch is also incredibly kind, if comments from fellow wrestlers are any indication. Becky Lynch has been with WWE for a long while now and has done almost everything in the squared circle.

She has won numerous women's titles, has won the Royal Rumble match, has headlined and won the only women's main event in WrestleMania history, and has also been on the cover of WWE 2K20. Lynch vacated her WWE RAW Women's Championship last year following the Money In The Bank event, after holding the same for over a year. She has been absent from WWE TV ever since, due to her pregnancy.