Kevin Owens on what he would change about the Royal Rumble

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Kevin Owens on what he would change about the Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble is certainly one of the most anticipated events by professionals and fans of the wrestling world. In view of this historic yet traditional event, which will take place on January 31st, Fightful colleagues have heard a group of wrestlers, writers and producers express their memories of the Royal Rumble.

Among these, there is also Kevin Owens, who, this year will not participate in the expected event, but has always been a huge fan of Rumble. In conjunction with the so-called 'royal brawl', The PrizeFighter will challenge reigning champion Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Universal Championship.

For Owens, it's yet another chance against WWE's The Tribal Chief, probably the last in this storyline to snatch the title from him.

The 40-man Royal Rumble Match happened in 2011

The format of the Royal Rumble has always been appreciated by everyone, but Kevin Owens spoke during the interview about what would change in this traditional event.

Here are his words: "I remember one year WWE made a Rumble with 40 men and I have to say that I really liked this thing. I would like to go back to that address, I believe that in a competition like the Royal Rumble the more people are involved and the better.

is. The longer the Royal Rumble, the better. In general, they are not for big changes, but if I had to choose any changes, yes, I would change the number of people." The 40-person Royal Rumble took place in 2011 and was also highly regarded by the WWE Universe.

In general, it lasted 69 minutes, but there were many who pointed out that the WWE roster perhaps did not enjoy the depth necessary to do this. In that event, there were interesting twists such as the return to WWE of Booker T and Diesel and a CM Punk who was the protagonist for the first part of the fight.

In the end, Alberto Del Rio triumphed in this great Royal Rumble. The 40-man Royal Rumble Match took place a decade ago, in 2011. It lasted 69 minutes and while it was an exciting idea, WWE's roster did not necessarily have the depth to feature a star-studded 40-man field at the time.

The match did have its moments, though. WWE trumped that feat by booking a 50-man Royal Rumble Match to headline their first Saudi Arabia pay-per-view, Greatest Royal Rumble. While that may have been a little too much, a 40-man Rumble with the right story could work in today's day and age. WWE has a huge roster, incredibly stacked with talent.