WWE requests extension in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin name lawsuit

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WWE requests extension in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin name lawsuit

Over the course of history, WWE has created several unique characters, who have become over time trademarks of the Stamford-based company, with one being the federation's Hall of Famer: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

In fact, to any fan of the discipline, if you refer to two simple numbers, that is "3:16" or to a sound of broken glass or maybe you are shown a stylized photo of a smoking skull, it can only come to mind the WWE Rattlesnake, with one of the most loved athletes of WWE fans who became famous worldwide also for having feuded directly with the federation's patron for years: Vince McMahon.

WWE owns the trademark for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s name

Although it is a fairly old topic by now, many of the news sites at the time did not report the news on the main world pages, namely the fact that the WWE has opened a legal dispute against the NFL player, Adam Jones, for having begun to misuse the name "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for a line of soda that went on sale long ago.

The product, which is called "Stone Cold Jones Soda", in fact goes against the directives of the competent body regarding the rights and official trademarks assigned to the various owners, with the WWE having recently requested the extension of its injunction which must now be approved.

The complaint by the WWE towards the improper use of its trademark reached the competent office already before December, with the United States Patent and the Trademark Office's Trademark Trial, which immediately started the procedure to start a conciliation between the two parts.

If an agreement between the NFL player and WWE does not arrive by February 15th, the lawsuit will go on to the bitter end, until a compromise or a conviction is reached. WWE obviously doesn't want to leave the name of Jones' product for the world, with the McMahon-created brand clinging to the Stamford-located company tooth and nail.

While speaking to Booker T on the Hall of Fame podcast, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin talked about Goldberg’s return to WWE. Austin said that as a businessman, he understands why Goldberg came back. Austin noted that Goldberg can bring in viewers from the time WCW was beating WWE in ratings during the Attitude Era.

It is ultimately a business move and if that is what Goldberg wants to do, then he will do it. “When Bill does that, he’s putting himself in a position to do it, so as a businessman, hey, I get it. It is what it is.

This isn’t a knock on the current roster, but he can bring some eyeballs back from when WCW was running against us in the Attitude Era. But it is what it is and it’s a business move by Bill. If Bill wants to do business, he’s going to do business”.