Drew McIntyre comments on his WWE return

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Drew McIntyre comments on his WWE return

After several days of hiatus caused by Coronavirus positivity, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is back on the scene to participate in Superstar Spectacle, a show that will air on the WWE Network and which will be broadcast on Indian televisions on January 26th.

The Scottish Psychopath won a Tag Team match alongside the Indus Sher (Indian NXT team) and winning against the trio of former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Now Drew McIntyre will be one of the protagonists of the Royal Rumble, committed on January 31st in the match valid for the WWE Championship against Bill Goldberg.

Beyond this meeting, there is also great anticipation for the real fight '

What is next for Drew McIntyre after the Royal Rumble?

Speaking to Sportskeeda's Riju Dasgupta, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke about the upcoming and upcoming Pay per View.

Here are his statements: "Maybe Sheamus or Jinder Mahal can still surprise and win the Royal Rumble, in general, I'm taking a look to see who could win this event among those participating in Raw or SmackDown and I'll tell you, I think it could be the big chance for Big E.

His personality is finally coming out, he's funny and unbelievable at the same time. He can get serious all of a sudden, he turns on the switches and gets serious. In the ring, he is incredible, one of the strongest in the WWE.

So if he wins the Royal Rumble, I would be very happy to face him at Wrestlemania." Big E is considered together with Daniel Bryan as one of the main favorites of the next Royal Rumble. Several sources claim that creative teams would like this wrestler's victory to throw the former New Day member to the top.

The Royal Rumble will be held in about a week, Big E has already announced that he will participate in the event and now the WWE Universe is just waiting to see if he will really triumph. If Drew McIntyre successfully defends the title at WWE Royal Rumble, the possibilities are endless.

He might enter another high-profile feud, and this program might run all the way into WrestleMania 37. With that being said, McIntyre will also have to worry about the winner of the 30-man elimination match, as this Superstar will get a world title match of his choosing.

Drew McIntyre will also have to keep an eye on The Miz. "The A-Lister" recently regained his Money In The Bank briefcase and he will be looking to successfully cash it in this time around. Either way, Drew McIntyre has his hands full on the road to WrestleMania 37.

For now, Drew McIntyre must concentrate on his next opponent, Goldberg. In this upcoming match, the WWE Champion is aiming to defend his title and prove that Goldberg was wrong about him.