Natalya comments on alliance with Tamina

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Natalya comments on alliance with Tamina

Natalya is a WWE wrestler who has given so much to the federation, especially as regards the help to the younger ones, who have always been able to count on her support both inside and outside the ring of our favorite discipline.

In recent weeks we have witnessed another, yet another, alliance for a wrestler who according to many could receive much more from her career and we are talking about the one that sees her starring with Tamina Snuka. As we all know, the two athletes come from two very important wrestling dynasties and who over the years have also resorted to some alliances to face the most dangerous opponents on the circuit.

Natalya - AKA Natalya Neidhart - has taken to Twitter to remind the WWE Universe of the importance of her's and Tamina's shared family history.

Natalya: 'I'm the best of all time'

In this regard, through her Twitter profile, Natalya herself posted a photo that sees as protagonists all the athletes of the Neidhart and Snuka family who did so much well as Tag Team, expressing the following words: "I think I can also say on behalf of Tamina Snuka how happy we are to see history repeating itself once again.

With my careful guidance, I will make sure that we can be loved, celebrated and remembered just as happened with the past covenants of our families. " An alliance that certainly oozes a lot of history, but which still has to prove everything.

The hope is to be able to witness something positive, also considering what is a very special moment for the Tag Team, especially as regards the female roster of the federation, which for months has not been able to find a right place in the show, also due to some wrong choices that have seen the suppression of many teams that together could tell something interesting.

And do you think these two will be able to do as well as their predecessors did? Or is it a team doomed to failure like unfortunately most of the teams created recently in World Wrestling Entertainment? Let us know with a comment.

In a video interview from behind the scenes of last week's SmackDown, Natalya referred to herself as "the best of all time" while building hype around her association with Tamina and the implications it may hold for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship picture in the weeks to come.

Interestingly, Natalya's statement may have some legitimacy behind it. The former SmackDown Women's Champion recently revealed on Twitter that she was the "winningest" woman in WWE history, having wrestled in her 1500th match.

Given that Natalya is one of the most experienced stars on the WWE roster, and that both she and Tamina have wrestling-royalty blood running through their veins, it's likely they will be a serious force to be reckoned with on WWE TV.