WWE announces multiple matches for Raw

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WWE announces multiple matches for Raw

In the next episode of Monday Night Raw, which will air on USA Network later that night, WWE will have a lot of trouble ahead of the first big PPV of 2021, the Royal Rumble. In the last episode of the red show before the first Big Four of this rebirth year, the federation will have to lay different foundations for present and future feuds, to finish creating that card of the most anticipated event of January, which is still quite bare.

In the last hours, in fact, the WWE has gone to formalize several matches for tonight's Raw, inserting in the card of the Monday night flag show also a match valid for the female title currently in the life of the Japanese Asuka, who will thus face the winner of the his match last week, also on Raw, Alexa Bliss.

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The first match confirmed for Monday Night Raw is precisely the one valid for Asuka's Raw Women's Championship, with the Japanese who will try to defend her belt from the fearsome Alexa Bliss, after last week the friend of the Fiend had literally transformed into the ring of Raw, to beat her opponent.

In another match of the evening, Asuka's teammate, with whom she defends the WWE tag team titles, Charlotte Flair, will instead see her in a 1 vs 1 match, with the former title holder, Shayna Baszler. While, on the other hand, in the latest contest advertised by WWE for Monday Night Raw, Matt Riddle will challenge Hurt Business almost entirely in a gauntlet match, going to battle against MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, with the possibility of having a match titled for the US champion belt if Riddle were to defeat all of Bobby Lashley's allies.

A huge episode of Monday Night Raw is therefore expected for tonight, in view of the most anticipated PPV for months for the Stamford-based company. Given how one-sided last week's non-title match, the assumption would be that Alexa Bliss is almost guaranteed another title.

But that's not the only story that plays into this. There's the entire Randy Orton factor that can't be ignored. Last week, Randy Orton revealed that he was wearing a mask to cover his face after Alexa Bliss shot a ball of fire on it.

With a match against The Fiend Bray Wyatt still rumored for the Royal Rumble, there could be a lot happening in this match. Randy Orton could end up helping Asuka retain the RAW Women's Championship. It wouldn't be a big, heroic move, but one to spite Alexa Bliss.

How The Fiend plays into all of this, we can't be sure, but if there's any time for him to return - it's on the RAW before the Royal Rumble.