Paul Heyman says he and Roman Reigns could...

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Paul Heyman says he and Roman Reigns could...

One of the couples that have gradually solidified in front of the WWE cameras in the last period, that is from after Summerslam last year until today, is the one formed in Smackdown between the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his personal adviser, Paul Heyman.

The partnership between the two great professionals was born almost by chance, with the return of Reigns, after an absence lasting several months due to the outbreak of the world pandemic, with the Tribal Chief who in fact returned with an attitude decidedly different than the one with which he left behind Wrestlemania 36.

After his turn heel, in fact, he and Heyman became truly one, with the support of Roman's cousin, Jey Uso, who did nothing but increase the strength and power of the stable heel of the main event. by Smackdown.

Paul Heyman heaps praise on Roman Reigns' blood Jey Uso

In his latest interview with the BT Sport microphones, Paul Heyman wanted to tell the reason why he thinks Roman Reigns is the most particular customer of all those he has had so far, with the Mad Genius who in fact revealed: "I think we were both satisfied with what our type of job was and we both could have continued with that.

We were both saying 'Okay, we made some money, we created emotion, we were at the top for several years' What a fantastic job, Hall of Famers careers, for both of us. But neither of us was fully satisfied yet. Neither...

our appetites were still insatiable. We knew that 2020 would become a real earthquake for the world, not just for the WWE Universe, but for the entire surrounding universe. There was an opportunity to create a new narrative. A new trajectory.

A new level of grandeur that had never been reached. A new approach to presentation. And we both wanted to achieve it. We both tried to understand how far we could push this change in the industry, raise the bar and take the ball where no one has ever done before.

We were on the same page. So that's the main difference from any other person I've worked with. Our reputations are cemented. Our Hall of Fame careers are already written in the books. Yes, we're probably making history ...

I know Roman Reigns is doing the best job of his entire career and this is just the beginning." In the same interview with BT Sport, Paul Heyman was also quick to heap praise on Jey Uso, who has been working alongside his family member Roman Reigns in recent months.

"‘Main Event’ Jey Uso has out-performed Big E. ‘Main Event’ Jey Uso has out-performed every single Superstar on SmackDown." Jey Uso is currently scheduled to appear in the 2021 Royal Rumble.