Daniel Bryan reveals admiration for veterans

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Daniel Bryan reveals admiration for veterans

One of the characters still most loved by the WWE Universe is the former world champion Daniel Bryan, with the boy from Aberdeen who has in fact been idolized by fans as one of the best performers of the last 20 years of WWE, so much so that he has created a real and own movement, called Yes Movement, which led the athlete to the victory of his world title in the main event of Wrestlemania 30, where Bryan shocked the whole world by beating Randy Orton and Batista.

Although Daniel Bryan then had important physical problems, which led the athlete to consider the hypothesis of the definitive retirement from the world of wrestling, a danger that fortunately returned, at the moment it seems however that Bryan will not fight for a long time as a full-timer.

Daniel Bryan says he may 'change his style' as he gets older

In his latest interview with the Solo Wrestling website, Daniel Bryan wanted to take stock of the situation on the future, saying he wanted to stop being a full-time athlete but never want to stop fighting, with the former WWE Champion who has in fact stated: "I'm still a full-time wrestler right now, but I don't think I will be for long.

I don't think I'll still be a full-time wrestler for that long. I never thought about the idea of ​​sincerely withdrawing. I would like to fight until old age, and when I say old, I mean very old. I love wrestling. Just like many of those who inspired me, like Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk and also like many of the European wrestlers, like Johnny Saint, who was on the road until his sixties, maybe even his seventies.

Not because they needed money for this or that. They did it because they loved doing it, right? Obviously when you get old your style changes. When I'm 50, I won't be able to fight like I am now, and right now I can't fight like I was when I was 25, right? So I'll have to change and evolve.

I still have so much passion inside me for it, and so it remains very difficult for me to accept the idea that 'I might not do it again' WHY'? WHY'? Even if I have to do it in a gym with 75 people in the audience, I would do it for fun.

It is something I truly love. So, the idea of ​​permanently retiring is something that really disgusts me to the max." Daniel Bryan's reign as the Planet's Champion saw the introduction of the hemp-made WWE title.

In the same interview, Bryan said that Kofi Kingston deserved to end his reign at the Grandest Stage of Them All in 2019. “I loved the way it started, and everyone who competes hates to lose a championship, but if we’re going to lose it, let it be in a great match at WrestleMania against someone who really deserves it, and that’s what happened when I lost that one against Kofi Kingston. I had a lot of fun with that reign and I loved the hemp championship,” said Bryan.