Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg might shock some fans at Royal Rumble

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Drew McIntyre vs Goldberg might shock some fans at Royal Rumble

The sensational challenge arrived in the Raw Legends ring, or Bill Goldberg who went from nowhere to challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to a match titled in that of the Royal Rumble immediately made fans from all over the world discuss, among those who are thrilled by the challenge and those who continue to shout at the part-timer who returns to WWE to steal time, resources and space from young emerging talents.

After a really full two years, Bill Goldberg is in fact back in style to ask for a title shot from one of the champions he had never faced since his return to the WWE rings, with the challenge between the Rumble titans that has already sent in raptures overseas betting agencies.

According to several highly rated agencies, several fans of the WWE Universe will in fact be shocked by the verdict of the title match for the WWE Championship at Rumble, given that the numbers given at the moment for the contest are very clear.

Update on 2021 Royal Rumble

According to what Bet Online, one of the leading legal betting agencies overseas, currently reports, the current WWE Champion would be quoted as the winner with a -175, while Da Man's victory is given at +125.

Despite the monstrous booking received by the Hall of Famer in his last outings in the ring, in which he practically squashed every opponent, except in the challenge against Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania last year, the favorite of the agencies remains the Scottish Drew McIntyre.

In any case, therefore, whoever wins at the Royal Rumble would still be a big shock to fans, with Vince McMahon apparently having in mind what to propose to Wrestlemania after this challenge, but he and Bruce Prichard would have preferred.

do not say a word to any other insider, so as to avoid leaks from the inside. In any case, both in case of defeat and in case of victory, Bill Goldberg should still take part in the Wrestlemania 37 card, with his name, that of John Cena and even that of The Undertaker that have in fact been discussed in recent weeks.

from WWE as great Superstars to bring to the Showcase of the Immortals to raise the interest of fans. NXT stars often lose a lot of their momentum when they arrive on the main roster. Keith Lee is an exception, as he has already had some WWE Championship Matches.

Still, most recent graduates from the black-and-gold brand have floundered on WWE RAW and SmackDown. By allowing NXT stars to have lengthy runs in the Royal Rumble Matches, WWE can let these performers impress the fans. Giving NXT wrestlers a decent run in the battle royal makes it seem like they genuinely belong on the main roster. As a result, WWE won't have to build those stars up again later when they make their official debuts.