Former WWE writer criticizes Daniel Bryan

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Former WWE writer criticizes Daniel Bryan

Over the years the pro-Wrestling world has been the victim of great and daring changes. Despite being a sports entertainment where business goes above all else and wrestling is not a harsh reality, former creative Vince Russo did not appreciate the moves and things that recently happened in Vince McMahon's federation.

During a Sportskeeda Wrestling chat with Lee Walker, former creative team member Vince Russo attacked a situation involving SmackDown star Daniel Bryan, some moves Russo found somewhat unrealistic. The criticism is even heavier considering that former champion Daniel Bryan is one of the veterans of the Stamford federation.

Vince Russo on Daniel Bryan

In the course of a storyline commercial involving the Yes Man, we see a fighter on his knees who is attacked by the opponent and who almost without reacting suffers a series of kicks in the chest.

Commenting on this situation Vince Russo stated: "Let's imagine I'm a normal guy, I'm on TV and with the remote in hand walking around the channels. Last night I ran into a wrestling show and ok, I'm not a wrestling fan, but let's see what it is.

I see a boy on his knees, with his hands on his side, who seems to be kicking his chest five times in a row, as a regular TV viewer thinks' Who would do that? Who wouldn't try to defend themselves? Come on guys, it's ridiculous and unrealistic, stupid and goodbye, I won't watch this show again."

It is now clear that Vince Russo is no longer a WWE fan, and in recent weeks the former creative has made it clear that he hates several things we see within Vince McMahon's federation. As for Daniel Bryan, despite the controversy over the latest events, the Yes Man is one of the most important characters of the Smackdown roster and in general of the WWE and in the coming weeks he could have great new chances, perhaps right at the Royal Rumble where he is pointed out as one of the favorites for the final victory.

Vince Russo made it absolutely clear that he hates the spot where a wrestler simply lies down on his knees and takes a series of kicks to the chest. The spot has been used on countless occasions over the years and has always been effective in pumping the crowds up. Daniel Bryan has used the move for the better part of his WWE career and dubbed it as "Yes Kicks"