WWE Network's Peacock deal reportedly worth over $1 billion

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WWE Network's Peacock deal reportedly worth over $1 billion

Great news on the digital side at WWE. The Stamford-based company has just announced that it has signed a massive agreement with NBC Universal that will lead the Network to be the exclusive property of the Peacock TV streaming service starting March 18.

The news was reported exclusively by Jacob Feldman, journalist of Yahoo Sports, who explained in detail the plans of this historic maneuver: all the PPVs, the original contents and the shows of the past already present on the Network will be available at the price of $ 4.99 per month.

The WWE Network, therefore, at least as far as the American market is concerned, will cease to exist. The first event to be broadcast on the new platform will be Fastlane, scheduled for March 21st.

Stephanie McMahon on the WWE Network/Peacock deal

The economic deals have not been officially disclosed, but according to the Wall Street Journal, it is a five-year plan worth over $ 1 billion.

Vince McMahon had long ago shown interest in selling the WWE Network bookstore to the highest bidder and, apparently, the opportunity presented itself was unmissable. The comment of Nick Khan, WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer, was not long in coming: "NBC is the best partner that could happen to us.

They understand our product, they know our audience, and they have the right streaming platform at their disposal to ensure greater media exposure”. Peacock TV is one of the most used streaming services in the States.

Suffice it to say that, in December alone, it reached over 25 million subscribers. The American users of the Network, on the other hand, are for the moment only 1.1 million. NBC Universal has had a great relationship with the wrestling world since 1993, and this year's edition of WrestleMania convinced the broadcaster's executive executives to expand the relationship with WWE.

This is in effect a historic agreement that takes into account the current potential of streaming since the monthly price of the Network was $ 9.99 and over the years it had achieved a lower effect in terms of subscribers.

As well as taking to Twitter, WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon also released an official statement expressing her excitement and optimism at the new partership between Peacock and WWE. Here is just some of what Stephanie McMahon had to say: "WWE and NBCU have been partners for nearly 30 years, and we consider this to be a natural extension of our long-standing relationship.

Peacock will enable WWE to showcase our most significant events, including WrestleMania, which was previously available on WWE Network for $9.99 per month, to Peacock’s 26 million subscribers for $4.99 per month and for free to the millions of Comcast and Cox homes across the country, helping to better serve and grow our global fanbase."