Vince McMahon misses Raw and SmackDown this week

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Vince McMahon misses Raw and SmackDown this week

In recent weeks, good news has been arriving in the WWE house regarding the ratings of the federation with above all the numbers of Friday Night SmackDown (and Raw) that bode well for the federation of Vince McMahon: the listeners have had a clear positive momentum and in the last week the he episode of the blue roster was among the most followed in recent months.

One news that has had a lot of interest in WWE and that has intrigued the WWE Universe concerns the absence of Vince McMahon from Tropicana Field. Ringside News colleagues reported this news stating that the show went on without the presence of the Chairman and with Triple H and Kevin Dunn as the sole managers of the show.

The real reason for this absence is unknown with Vince McMahon who was almost always present at the shows since the rosters no longer went on tour.

Vince McMahon misses Raw and SmackDown

Vince McMahon wasn’t at Friday’s tapings for the Superstar Spectacle or SmackDown that followed.

Ringside News exclusively reported this. News broke today that Vince McMahon’s brother Rod McMahon passed away on January 20th. The curiosity about this absence arises above all from the latest rumors that see Vince McMahon struggling with an illness.

It all started with one of the latest interviews of former Intercontinental Champion and WWE wrestler Ryback who had wished the Chairman a speedy recovery, burying the hatchet with WWE for once. In addition to him, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said he was worried that he would continue to go on undeterred in working with his company, perhaps even exaggerating.

However, according to reports, Vince McMahon's health is excellent: the Chairman trains normally and there are no signs that his health is deteriorating. Indeed, here's what a source very close to WWE reports: "Vince is fine.

He still trains hard and yes, maybe he might forget something, but only because there are so many things going on around him. He doesn't feel different but he just ages like all of us. Because of Covid, he stays at home more time, maybe he sleeps more time and avoids traveling, this is the only thing that has really changed about his life."

Ringside News has learned that Vince McMahon was not at Raw this week either. They had to run the show without Mr. McMahon present once again. Triple H, Kevin Dunn, and Bruce Prichard were in charge. This is a very rare occurrence for Vince McMahon to miss two television tapings in a row.

Obviously, they were dealing with a very unique circumstance. The staff started to hear rumblings throughout the day that Rod McMahon passed away, and then the news was confirmed.