*Spoiler* Goldberg and Drew McIntyre face-off

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*Spoiler* Goldberg and Drew McIntyre face-off
*Spoiler* Goldberg and Drew McIntyre face-off

The Royal Rumble is now one step away, so WWE has had to close the gap with its main storylines to raise the hype ahead of the first PPV of the year, with WWE Universe fans just seeing an episode of Monday Night Raw full of news and moments full of tension, which only served to create an expectation towards the public for the special event that will be broadcast next Sunday on the WWE Network.

After the announcement of the move to America of the contents of the WWE Network on the Peacock TV platform, WWE had all the more reason to try not to lose ground with its fans in the rest of the world, staging an episode of Monday Night Raw which in fact opened with a bang, or with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, back after two weeks of absence from the TV screens and his challenger for Rumble, Da Man, Bill Goldberg.

In the opening segment of Raw, the WWE Champion who a few weeks ago had been affected by the covid returned to be seen, although he never found any type of symptom of the pandemic disease, but who still had to follow the mandatory quarantine also in America, staying home for two weeks, until the first negative swab.

Goldberg and Drew McIntyre face-off

During this segment, however, The Miz and his historical partner John Morrison intervened to interrupt the reigning champion of Raw, obviously they could not refrain from going to annoy the champion, interrupting him at the best.

At this point, however, it was the turn of WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg to enter the ring, who returned once again to emphasize his challenge for Drew McIntyre at Rumble, with such a context that in the end proved to be perfect for attack the annoying Miz and Morrison with their own finishing moves.

The Miz was in fact hit by Goldberg's Spear, while Morrison was hit by the reigning champion's Claymore, which made fans understand how excited they are for their match at next Sunday's Rumble. Drew McIntyre returned on this week's WWE RAW after his successful battle against COVID-19.

Goldberg and Drew McIntyre were supposed to face-off against each other on the RAW before Royal Rumble, but McIntyre was quickly interrupted by The Miz and John Morrison last night. The Miz claimed that irrespective of who comes out on top in the hard-hitting contest between Goldberg and McIntyre, The A-Lister would eventually cash-in his Money in the Bank contract to become the new WWE Champion at some point.

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