*Spoiler* Randy Orton attacks Alexa Bliss

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton attacks Alexa Bliss

The last episode of Monday Night Raw has now gone to the archives, with the federation's flagship storylines reaching a very high point, with the protagonists of the red show's rings clashing several times, to increase the hype of the fans towards their feuds, with a final battle that will come precisely to the Rumble, to close the circle.

One of the flagship storylines that kept WWE Universe fans in suspense is certainly the one that involves Randy Orton, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, with the federation demon who seemed to have died in the fire started by Orton in their Inferno match by TLC.

The powers of Raw's demon, however, seem to continue to tease The Viper in every episode of the red show, with Alexa Bliss getting closer and closer to Orton, so much so that she even burned him in the episode of Raw two weeks ago.

where Alexa had thrown a ball of fire right in the face of the Legend Killer.

Randy Orton attacks Alexa Bliss

Among the many things advertised for this night's Monday Night Raw episode, in the main event of the evening we also had a match valid for the Raw Women's Championship at the moment still alongside the Japanese of the red show, Asuka.

That contest had been the result of Asuka's defeat to Alexa Bliss last week, with the supernatural powers of the beautiful blonde athlete friend of the Fiend, which had in fact helped the girl to beat the Japanese. In the main event of Raw this week, once again Alexa Bliss started her match in a "normal" way, only to transform once again into a sort of non-human cyborg, who was able to dodge every single move of her opponent, preparing once again to win the match and this time also the belt.

However, this time Randy Orton, with his face still heavily burned, hit the soulmate of the Fiend with a sound RKO, which effectively closed the show, without knowing the outcome of the main event, even if at this point it is easy to imagine a No Contest or a disqualification.

The match ended in a disqualification as Bliss was outsmarted by The Viper this week. It will be interesting to see what could happen with this storyline at the Royal Rumble event. Will Bray Wyatt return in some form at Royal Rumble? Surely, this angle has crossed WWE's usual experimental barriers to a point where not everyone will feel the same way about it.

Despite the bizarreness of the main event, Alexa Bliss' character work had some meaning, which justified WWE's frequent use of the magical transformation gimmick throughout this match.