ESPN seemingly done with WWE

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ESPN seemingly done with WWE

In the last 24 hours, WWE has announced drastic changes to the overseas digital piano to access the contents of the federation, which until a few hours ago were like in Italy, broadcast on the WWE Network created by the Vince McMahon-owned company.

With an announcement that is sensational, WWE has in fact invited all its fans to switch to the Peacock TV service, which will soon have all the contents of the WWE Network at a price much lower than the famous "9.99" $ "aired in every federation commercial for months.

In the service managed by NBCU, now, the WWE Network will be included in a subscription that will cost only $ 4.99 a month, almost half of what it cost before, with the rest of the world that for the moment remains with the Network intact and services usable normally.

It seems ESPN isn't taking this NBC/WWE Network deal particularly well.

ESPN was in talks with WWE for the same NBC deal

Apparently, before reaching a deal with NBCU, WWE had been looking for other partners with which to strike a deal, with several large streaming companies and digital channels being consulted accordingly.

In one of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, obviously managed by the ever-present Dave Meltzer, the well-known overseas journalist wanted to clarify what WWE's relations with ESPN would currently be, with the new agreement with NBCU that could have effectively canceled any type of agreement or twinning with the well-known channel, saying: "This is a conjecture and what I will say next is not a conjecture.

I think there is a good chance that ESPN was part of the discussion to move the Network. I think three weeks ago ESPN knew they couldn't reach this deal. This is my conjecture. What I know for sure is that ESPN has literally eliminated all WWE-owned content.

At the moment there is absolutely nothing of WWE on ESPN." After years of partnerships with the famous American and Latin American sports channel, the collaboration between WWE and the important television station could be closed, with WWE that she made her choice and seems to be very happy with it.

Meanwhile, Thursday, March 18 is the date that all Network content moves to Peacock. Current subscribers can access it through the Peacock app and with a minimum $4.99 a month subscription fee. Bear in mind, that tier includes advertisements, as well.

However, for the usual $9.99 price tag, users can get the same content advertisement-free. What do you think? Will you follow WWE Network on its move to Peacock? Or do you have reservations about the whole deal? Let us know in the comments section down below.