Vince McMahon's brother passes away at 77

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Vince McMahon's brother passes away at 77

Very bad news has upset the life of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in recent days: his brother Rod McMahon passed away at the age of 77, a death that took place last January 20 and was however announced only in the last hours.

The causes of death are not known, but Vince McMahon's absences have been explained, first at the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown and then that of tonight on Monday Night Raw. It is not an easy time for the WWE Chairman and after the latest rumors regarding his state of health comes news that is far from easy to digest.

While Vince's father had started the wrestling industry and his wife Linda had devoted herself to politics, we can say that Rod McMahon had created the well-known company North American Metals Inc. with his wife back in 1987.

Vince's brother was considered a very good person and there was a lot of praise in the last message to formalize the death from

Rod McMahon was the older brother of Vince McMahon

In the last few hours there was a concern for Vince McMahon due to these two absences, initially announced for no reason, but now it has been clarified with Vince who has momentarily left his interest in wrestling for this hard and sad grief.

As we saw last night on Monday Night Raw they covered the Triple H episode, together with Kevin Dunn (as in SmackDown) and together with the other collaborator Bruce Prichard. It is not known when and how Vince McMahon will return to collaborate, but given the imminent Royal Rumble, a return is not excluded in the short term.

On the other hand, in the last hours, a source close to the WWE had in fact denied the rumors of Vince being sick (as the former WWE star Ryback stated on social networks) and had explained: "Vince is fine. He is still training hard and yes, maybe he might forget something, but only because there are so many things going on around him.

He doesn't feel different but obviously, he ages like all of us. Because of Covid, he stays at home more time, maybe he spends more time sleeping and avoids traveling, this is the only thing that has really changed about his life."

The Worldwrestling editorial team offers its condolences to Vince McMahon and his entire family for the serious and painful loss of him. The original plan for Rod McMahon's introduction to the WWE Universe was to have him first appear at Vince McMahon's on-screen funeral.

Things took a disturbing turn in a sudden manner, as Chris Benoit murdered his family and committed suicide immediately after, leading to Vince McMahon canceling the entire storyline. The Chris Benoit tragedy made sure that Vince McMahon couldn't continue with the originally planned storyline on WWE TV, as it would have been in incredibly bad taste to present an angle involving death, immediately after the disturbing events that had occurred in real life.