Triple H reveals his future as an in-ring competitor

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Triple H reveals his future as an in-ring competitor

WWE Hall of Famer Triple H made his return to the ring in the Monday Night Raw episode staged two weeks ago. The 14-time world champion was announced at the last minute as a replacement for Drew McIntyre, who tested positive for COVID-19 and forced into isolation.

The Game wasn't limited to a simple appearance, but also fought in the show's main event against former ally Randy Orton. During a recent interview with the 'Hindustan Times' microphones, HHH analyzed in detail his return to the square and his prospects for the future.

Triple H missed last year's WrestleMania

“Never say never when you are in WWE. An opportunity arose when Drew McIntyre tested positive for the virus and could not be present due to isolation. I got the call for this reason.

Whenever you have the opportunity to come back and be seen by WWE fans, you never want to miss such a chance. As for me, it is clear that these are one-off appearances, but at this juncture, I am focused on Superstar Spectacle ”- Triple H explained.

Triple H then praised the evolution of Roman Reigns, whose turn heel proved to be one of WWE's most successful decisions in recent years. “Roman Reigns has wanted to undertake such a process for a long time. The goal was to do something different for himself and for everyone, showing others a different side of himself.

But you have to do it at the right time. When you change your character or show a different side of yourself, you run the risk of not being welcomed. In this case, there is no doubt that Roman has risen. He reiterated that he is an important and popular star.

When I think of people like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena, it occurs to me that Roman has all it takes to become the symbol of his generation." Over the past few years, WWE has recruited several talented Indian athletes, who have gone through rigorous training at the WWE Performance Center.

Kavita Devi, The Bollywood Boyz, and Indus Sher are just a few of several talents who have made India proud on the big stage. Triple H holds an important position in WWE and is doing everything that he can to make sure that Indian talent reaches as many homes across the world, as possible.

Looking at how WWE has showcased Indian wrestlers on a regular basis lately, one can't help but feel excited at the idea of a potential WWE NXT India show in the near future.