Why Edge announced Royal Rumble entry

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Why Edge announced Royal Rumble entry

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw aired on the night between Monday and Tuesday (Italian time), WWE wanted to leave its Hall of Famer the opportunity to announce with a promo its entry to the men's Royal Rumble match end of the month, with Edge then telling fans to get into the royal brawl well in advance, something that other years would never have happened.

After making his sensational return to the McMahon rings in last year's edition of the same eponymous match, Edge has entered into a wonderful feud with Randy Orton, which led them to the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" in Backlash, where the wrestler Canadian, however, suffered an arm injury that forced him out of the scene until now.

Latest update on Edge

Many of the fans of the WWE Universe have wondered in the last few hours why the WWE did not want to keep the participation of the Rated R Superstar secret, just as it did last year, keeping the surprise and secrecy on its entry, which that would have been quite shocking for fans connecting from home.

To answer this question, the well-known site Fightful thought about it, which is one of its latest updates reported: "We were told that if there was currently an audience in the hall, there was a good chance this thing would be kept silent.

Be that as it may, it was decided that Edge would be back and the best thing was that his entry into the Royal Rumble could help fans be drawn to the product, being a very familiar face to them." In practice, the announcement of Edge's presence in the Royal Rumble match would serve the WWE to attract as many fans as possible to see the event, with the lack of audience still weighing heavily on the ratings and sales of the PPVs, therefore more strength and hype.

has an event and more has a chance to be seen and bought by fans who follow the company. We will have to see what Edge does in the Royal Rumble match. It could depend on his placement. This is a very interesting situation as Edge re-enters WWE after making a promise to continue his storyline with Randy Orton, a Superstar who is currently deeply involved in a feud with Bray Wyatt’s Fiend and Alexa Bliss.

Edge is a writer for the RAW brand, but he didn’t record his promo in-house. He literally recorded it in his own house and sent it in. The real question remains of whether Edge will pull off a big win on Sunday.