WWE considering outlandish finish to men’s Royal Rumble match

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WWE considering outlandish finish to men’s Royal Rumble match

WWE has now officially started its h*ttest time of year, with the Royal Rumble airing next Sunday effectively kicking off the Showcase of the Immortals, with Road to Wrestlemania just around the corner, with fans of the WWE Universe who are no longer in the skin to know who will be the winners of their respective Rumble, who will thus go on to challenge two of the absolute champions of the WWE roster.

Apparently, at the moment, the management of the Stamford federation would be probing more grounds, with different possible endings for the two Royal Rumble matches of the homonymous PPV that would still be present on the table of the creative team, with some proposals that were to scare some insiders died a quiet death.

What could WWE be planning for the men's Royal Rumble match?

In one of the daily updates reported by the Wrestle Votes website, one of the journalists of the newspaper wanted to throw a bomb that could explode next Sunday, with some rumors leaked from the WWE interiors that despite not being supported by sharper details, already make the WWE Universe fans.

As reported by the well-known overseas site, in fact: "Sorry for the lack of details here, but it's still noteworthy in my opinion; we had a brief conversation with an inside source about the men's Royal Rumble.

Our source says: 'There is an ending that scares the shit out of me. And this ending is one of those that legitimately have more consideration than the others." While there are no further details, that fright could come mainly from two big decisions.

The first is that WWE uses some characters not loved by the public to win the men's Rumble, with the fear that could therefore derive from what will be the reaction of the WWE Universe in the aftermath of the Rumble. The second hypothesis could instead be the inclusion in the match of some external segment, really "scary", such as those that have been broadcast in recent weeks by the WWE and therefore with Randy Orton setting fire to the Fiend or Alexa Bliss throwing balls on fire in the face of The Viper.

So we just have to wait and find out how WWE will want to surprise its fans, with the first Big Four of 2021. Looking over the known list of current competitors for the men's Royal Rumble match, whatever finish they might be considering most likely includes someone that has yet to be announced.

Is Brock Lesnar on his way back to WWE? Will Bill Goldberg somehow enter the men's Rumble match after losing to Drew McIntyre? There is no shortage of options as to what this could mean. With any luck, more information will come to light between now and Sunday to prepare the WWE Universe for what's to come.