WWE Raw episode viewership and ratings revealed

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WWE Raw episode viewership and ratings revealed

2020 was a really difficult year for the WWE which had to deal with enormous difficulties given above all by the Pandemic linked to the well-known emergency for the Covid-19 virus. This year Vince McMahon's federation has been forced into several restrictions such as running shows with no audience at Performance Centers and without traveling around the United States.

In addition to this, obviously, all the international travels that characterized wrestling have been canceled and the situation was far from easy. Last April the WWE also made staff cuts both among wrestlers and professionals and wrestlers of the caliber of Kurt Angle and Rusev, Bulgarian-born wrestler now switched to competition in All Elite Wrestling, were 'cut' like Miro.

The AEW, a nascent federation founded by Tony Khan, is having an increasingly impressive growth and has created new problems for Vince McMahon and his company. Showbuzz Daily colleagues reported updates on WWE ratings for the last episode of Monday Night Raw, which was considered very important as this was the last episode of the red show before Royal Rumble, the first Pay per View of the year for WWE and event that we will see next January 31st.

Jan. 25 WWE Raw episode viewership and ratings revealed

Last night, Monday Night Raw had a three-hour average of 1,819 million viewers, down from the last episode's average of 1,854 million viewers and totally equal to the data for the Raw episode two weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, during the first episode of the year of Raw with Legends Night, the great figure of 2,128 million spectators was obtained, a considerable increase compared to the previous weeks which instead saw disappointing figures such as that of 1,691 million spectators or even the historical record of 7 days before 1.52 million viewers.

Although there has been a slight increase in recent weeks, the data regarding the latest Raw appears far from satisfactory with the company trying in every way to satisfy the requests of the WWE public. The 18-49 demo also went down throughout the evening, starting with 0.57 in hour one, dropping to 0.54 in hour two, and hour three ended with 0.47.

This is certainly a trend WWE would like to fix heading into WrestleMania. What happens at the Royal Rumble this Sunday could go a long way over the next couple of months. Last week, WWE took the third, fourth, and fifth spots on cable for Monday, only being kept from the top spot by NBA basketball.

However, this week, WWE took the first, second, and fourth spots on cable. Yet its overall numbers across the board were down. This seems to mean compared to last Monday, a lot fewer people were watching cable television last night.