Drew McIntyre reveals The Undertaker's advice to him

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Drew McIntyre reveals The Undertaker's advice to him

As a WWE champion, Drew McIntyre is one of the top stars currently on the Monday Night Raw roster. The Scotsman had previously worked with WWE between 2007 and 2014, a period of time that numerous fans and insiders had considered bankruptcy.

His second run with the Stamford federation was instead remarkable, finally managing to express all the talent he had been recognized at a young age. Drew is also a former Intercontinental champion and has earned multiple tag team awards.

During an interview with Priyam Marik for Telegraph India, McIntyre said he had received a lot of valuable advice from a legend of the caliber of The Undertaker. Last year he sanctioned the definitive retirement of the Deadman, which was honored by the WWE on the occasion of the Survivor Series (where 30 years ago one of the most iconic careers ever began).

Drew McIntyre was not too happy with some of The Undertaker's words

“I learned a lot from working with The Undertaker. He has a very advanced IQ in the wrestling business. Sometimes when he talked to me, it was like a graduate was arguing with a high school student.

I remember him saying this phrase to me: 'Stop playing wrestler, be a wrestler' His advice was to relax, enjoy every moment and have fun. When he begins to do your work with dedication and pleasure, the audience warns him and he has fun with you ”- he explained.

Drew McIntyre also analyzed the evolution of his character: “I'm certainly playing an evolved version of myself. I have become much more mature than in the past. Before, there was something wrong with my character, even if I don't know what.

My story began to emerge, especially the way I had to fight to make my dreams come true. I've become more recognizable in people's eyes because in a way it's like I'm playing the real Drew." A while back, Stu Bennett had opened up on Drew McIntyre becoming the first British WWE Champion: "Just to be clear, I’ve known Drew since I think 2005.

I used to wrestle together with him in the UK. We both got hired by WWE on the same day. We still lived together in developmental. To this day, we’re very good friends. I congratulated him when he won the championship. We speak regularly.

And yeah, still very tight with him. So, I’m thrilled for him, but let’s be honest, Drew McIntyre knows I would kick his a**. If I ever got came back into a ring with him, I would kick his a, and he knows that. It’s that simple."