Roman Reigns opens up about the spear

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Roman Reigns opens up about the spear

The 'Spear' is one of the most popular moves in recent WWE history and is associated with numerous high-ranking superstars. Just think of phenomena of the caliber of Goldberg, Bobby Lashley, Batista, Rhyno, Edge and Charlotte Flair.

This particular sequence is now one of the hallmarks of Roman Reigns, the current holder of the Universal title. The 'turn heel' proved to be crucial to the growth of the former Shield member, who began interacting differently with fans after the countless criticisms received in previous years.

Interviewed by Ryan Satin for FOX Sports, 'The Tribal Chief' has discussed at length his 'Spear', which has allowed him to deliver the final blow to many of his opponents.

Roman Reigns on which spear he wishes he could take back

“It came to me almost perfect with two superstars.

Once at SummerSlam, at least I think when I hit Rusev. It was a really crazy evening. And then I am reminded of the one I trimmed on Big Show a few years ago”- she said. Roman Reigns also confided that he would like to repeat 'Spear' on AJ Styles, having failed to execute the move as he would have liked during their fight in Payback in 2016.

“If I could go back, I would fix the Spear I inflicted on AJ Styles in 2016. I hurt myself a little too. I shouldn't have held it so tight, it kind of pushed out. I should have left him more freedom to move and do his own things ”- he recalled.

Reigns has received heartfelt praise from Triple H in the past few days. “When you change your character in such a significant way, you run the risk of not being received well. Instead, he managed to rise thanks to this transformation.

If I think back to legends like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena, it comes to my mind that Roman Reigns has all the credentials to become one of the great symbols of his generation”- explained The Game.

Roman Reigns has hit plenty of spears throughout his WWE career, and the move has become his iconic finisher. Reigns has diversified his move set, but he still regularly uses the spear to win matches. Plenty of his spears have been memorable, and he'll look to add more of these unforgettable moments on the road to WrestleMania 37.

Roman Reigns explained why he believes these two Spears were his best, and he stated that the build-up to both of them was quite similar. He also commented on how his Spear is different than the one that Goldberg uses. Both stars have earned many victories with the move, but Reigns believes his version is more dramatic.