NikkI Bella Speaks About Her Wedding Date

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NikkI Bella Speaks About Her Wedding Date
NikkI Bella Speaks About Her Wedding Date (Provided by Wrestling World)

Nikki Bella is a famous former WWE superstar and she recently spoke about her wedding date. She will be getting married to Artem Chigventsev during the Thanksgiving weekend this year. Artem and Nikki have been in a relationship for a very long time.

Nikki is John Cena’s former girlfriend. Her relationship with John Cena helped her reach the top of WWE.

Nikki Bella On Her Wedding Date Announcement

Nikki announced the date during Total Bellas season 6 finale. Nikki gave birth to Matteo, the couple’s first baby boy last month.

Nikki was suffering from postpartum and she spoke about it before the announcement. She stated that she was finding it difficult to handle since Artem was working at Dancing with The Stars. During the show, it was revealed that Brie Bella told Artem about it.

For that reason, Nikki was furious at Brie. “I never want for her to feel this way. It just breaks my heart to realize that I’m literally torn in two different directions,” Artem said. “Is it worth it for me to get so much damage done to my family versus having a job? I would’ve never said yes if I knew that was how the situation would be”.

Artem even thought about quitting his job. However, Nikki didn’t want Artem to quit his job. The couple then spoke at Napa. “I think it’s hard for men to truly understand postpartum,” Nikki said. “Our body goes through so many changes inside and out and the battle we face mentally as moms—as a new mom—figuring that out…I’ll be honest, I started to just feel super invisible.

Especially when, like, obviously my body—I have to look at myself na*ed in the mirror. It’s hard. “And I have to watch you on TV and see stuff on social media, and it seems like you seem so happy. It kind of f–ks with your head a bit, like, ‘Oh nothing I could do could make that person feel that way, so maybe I don’t make Artem happy.’ Maybe this isn’t the right relationship.

Maybe he’s meant to be with someone else. Then I also became super lonely. I just fell and have fallen into a super dark place”. Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are no longer full-time wrestlers in WWE. They were actually part of the Bella Twins, which was a very famous wrestling group.

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