Matt Hardy May Return to Wrestle Soon

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Matt Hardy May Return to Wrestle Soon

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion of the world. Since they are so big, they also have a very big bank balance. This allows them to sign the best wrestlers of the world and produce some of the best wrestlers of the world.

Many wrestling legends became legends after working for the WWE. One of WWE’s original wrestlers is Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy is one of the most recognizable wrestlers of the world. With his ‘Broken’ gimmick, Matt took the wrestling world by storm.

In a recent tweet, Matt teased that he may return to the ring very soon: "Excited to check out the 1st #RAW of 2019 tonight, especially with all the interesting things that are advertised. Most importantly, I need to see where all the pieces are positioned & moving to on the @WWE chess board.

ALMOST TIME TO GET BACK INTO THE GREAT GAME.... AGEEN!" Matt Hardy released a “Woken Word of The Week” video recently, which means that he will resume making those types of videos again. In that video, he stated that he really wants to get back in a WWE ring again.

It also seemed like he made a reference to All Elite Wrestling in the video. Matt suffered some injuries in 2018, which forced him to leave the ring as he needed time to recover.