WWE had plans for movie star to be writer of SmackDown

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WWE had plans for movie star to be writer of SmackDown

Throughout the history of WWE, several important characters have played the role of writers within the creative team of the company, with the most disparate professionals who have in fact populated the backstage of the company, since the world of pro-wrestling also helps with different professionals of fiction of films and TV series to build their own storylines.

One of the famous characters in the world of cinema, who also became a WWE writer for a short time, was the Hollywood actor, Freddie Prinze Jr, also seen on the rings of the Stamford-based company, in some promos a few years ago.

Apparently, the actor was in charge of Alberto Del Rio's booking, when the Mexican was in the upper floors of the McMahon federation card. One of the athletes who just couldn't stand the actor, however, was John Cena, who has always called Prinze a "fake Ashton Kutcher."

As told by the same Hollywood actor, to the microphones of Chris Van Vliet, WWE had intended to put him in charge of the creative team of the blue show, but when he decided to leave the company permanently. The actor left WWE to devote himself to his family and only later learned that WWE wanted to give him the job as SmackDown's head writer.

WWE had plans for a movie star to be a writer of SmackDown

In the chat with Van Vliet, the actor said: "There was a show called Tough Enough. They tried to bring Stone Cold back as a judge. There was a mom who wanted to be a wrestler and she said she did it for her children.

Steve Austin said, 'This is bullshit. Do you know how many times I've won the Father of the Year award? ' With that sentence he made many people understand many things. I was watching the show from the creative team room and tried to understand it, walking into gorilla position and gave Vince my two weeks notice.

I told him 'I'm trying to win father of the year. I can't work here anymore 'he told me he said come and talk to me after the show. I went to Stephanie after the show. I let him know. He said to me 'We were going to give you SmackDown.

You would have been our head writer. 'She was very bitter. I was like, 'You know, I love you guys, but I'm a dad. I'm out. 'That's how it went. I left and never looked back." Freddie Prinze Jr was fine without WWE, and he was able to really give being a father the attention he needed to.

WWE is a hard company to work for. When they were touring the country, it was constant travel. The effort it takes to be involved in the pro wrestling world isn’t for everyone, and Freddie Prinze Jr doesn’t seem to regret his decision.