Seth Rollins return expected for Royal Rumble

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Seth Rollins return expected for Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins has been out of the picture since last November. His last match in WWE dates back to the PPV Survivor Series where he "sacrificed" himself for a greater good, being quickly eliminated by Sheamus. In real life, Rollins decided to take some time off to support his pregnant partner, Becky Lynch.

The former Monday Night Messiah was originally advertised for the first episode of New Year's SmackDown, but plans have since changed along the way. Rollins fans can sleep peacefully in any case: apparently, his return is imminent.

The rumor comes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, according to which the former Universal Champion will return to action at the Royal Rumble, scheduled for Sunday 31 January. At the moment very few slots have been announced and Rollins could be among those you want.

This is the comment: "Far fewer slots were announced this year than in previous years, leaving room for surprises. In all likelihood, among these, there will be the return of Seth Rollins. He was announced for SmackDown a few weeks ago, which means he's ready to get back into action."

The latest news on Seth Rollins

There is great anticipation around this year's event which, despite the lack of an audience in the arena, could, in any case, give a show. Vince McMahon is doing everything possible not to leak the winners and consequently the plans for WrestleMania.

Some rumors talking about a scary ending regarding the male Royal Rumble, but only speculations remain. Even the WWE social pages are fueling the hype of the fans: the BT Sport Twitter has in fact posted a cryptic graphic that would suggest the sensational return of CM Punk, of Ronda Rousey and the debut of the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jay Whyte.

Of course, it could very well be simple trolling. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch has also reappeared on social media to support Conor McGregor, who has suffered a crushing defeat and showing the first photo of her newborn daughter.

We will have to see what kind of surprises await fans at the Royal Rumble. WWE needs a big road to WrestleMania because they have two nights to fill. Seth Rollins’ absence has also created a storyline void for Murphy and Aalyah.

Neither of them has been featured on television since his hiatus started. WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was a good friend of Brodie Lee during Lee’s time in WWE. Rollins shared his thoughts on Lee’s tragic passing recently and now it seems he is doing something special to honor Brodie Lee’s memory.

Rollins collaborated with his friends in the CrossFit community and made a special CrossFit workout, which he named ”Brodie” in order to honor his friend.