Kurt Angle is avoiding a big neck surgery

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Kurt Angle is avoiding a big neck surgery
Kurt Angle is avoiding a big neck surgery

One of WWE's most beloved wrestlers of recent years who has seen his career at risk multiple times for major physical problems is definitely McMahon's Hall of Famer: Kurt Angle. The multiple world champion of the federation, in fact, has encountered during his career major injuries both to the neck and to the back, with multiple fractures and problems related to the spine that already before his debut in the pro-wrestling ring, had undermined his stay on the WWE square.

Over the years, Angle has in fact had to undergo numerous surgeries that went to rearrange those parts of the body that no longer worked as they should and apparently even at the moment Kurt could risk yet another, as revealed by the same retired former wrestler.

Backstage News on Kurt Angle

In his latest speech on The Kurt Angle Show, the American Olympic champion wanted to update his fans on his medical situation, saying: "Doctor Youngblood told me that he should have fused more than two vertebrae.

He didn't say four, but I assume it was at least three. I knew, however, that if I did, I would no longer be able to fight in my life. It's crazy how God works in absurd streets. When I got home, another doctor called me and gave me a second option.

It was a difficult decision because Dr. Youngblood was a highly respected professional. He had already helped Rhyno and Edge and also Austin, but I didn't want to retire in the middle of my career, I wasn't ready. So I decided to have a more contained operation while continuing to do wrestling.

I will not lie to you. But now I am suffering like a dog for that decision. My neck, I feel it every single day. I ended up operating on my neck two more times. They fixed what was wrong with operations. But they were only temporary operations.

One day I will come to do that famous operation that I have been trying to avoid until now. I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible. When I do, I will be recovering for at least a year and I will also have a very large scar for three or four months.

I definitely would not have done this during the pandemic, especially with my children staying at home and I have to take care of them and control everything. For me, staying in bed for four months or six months is absolutely unthinkable.

I do my daily exercises every day for the neck and back and knees and all that. I will continue to do them. They take most of my day away, but at the moment I'm still fine."

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