John Cena Sr. makes a bold prediction about The Fiend ahead of Royal Rumble

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John Cena Sr. makes a bold prediction about The Fiend ahead of Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble 2021, the first major pay-per-view of the new year, is almost upon us. During the last edition of 'Wrestling Insiders', John Cena Sr. discussed the upcoming PPV at length, as well as revealing who could win the Royal Rumble match by citing a number of elements.

The choice fell on The Fiend, which hasn't appeared on television since it faced Randy Orton at TLC in a 'Firefly Inferno match' last December. Due to the global pandemic, the event will take place at Tropicana Field in St.

Petersburg, Florida, with the only presence of authorized personnel. Through a series of LED panels, fans from all over the world will still have the opportunity to watch the show live.

John Cena Sr. wants to see The Fiend face Triple H

“When I first met Bray Wyatt, I told him that he was probably the most intriguing and thrilling character alongside The Undertaker.

I thought it from the bottom of my heart. Not that I'm a talent agent, but I sincerely hope The Fiend comes out victorious from the Royal Rumble match. A lot of interesting storylines can be generated from the Royal Rumble if they organize it well.

They have the opportunity to take advantage of the wake up to WrestleMania. I definitely aim for The Fiend,” he declared. John Cena Sr. added that he would like a feud between The Fiend himself and Triple H: “I have enormous respect for Triple H, so I'd like him to be Bray Wyatt's challenger after the Rumble.

I think a very captivating story could arise thanks to HHH's bond with Stephanie and Vince McMahon." A prediction on Goldberg's return could not be missing: “I am convinced that Drew McIntyre will let go of the belt.

I have no idea how the meeting will take place, but I have this presentiment. Vince McMahon is the king of surprises. Any fan expects McIntyre to wipe out Goldberg on Sunday night. I would not fall from the clouds if the outcome of the dispute were different from the expectations of the eve"- he concluded.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE legend Booker T made some predictions ahead of Royal Rumble. One of Booker T's bigger predictions was that CM Punk could return during the men's Royal Rumble match later tonight: "The stars are aligned for something like this to happen.

I mean, CM Punk right now, there's a whole lot of rumblings right now as far as CM Punk foes. A whole lot of rumblings. Everybody wondering what is CM Punk going to do. Perfect time for someone like CM Punk to make a return and what a splash it would be if CM Punk was to be #30 coming into the Rumble."