Chelsea Green getting cleared for WWE return

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Chelsea Green getting cleared for WWE return
Chelsea Green getting cleared for WWE return

The WWE infirmary has been stormed in recent months, despite the number of shows being far fewer than in other years, due to the worldwide pandemic that has forced WWE to avoid staging live shows, with the presence of the public in the hall.

In fact, since last year, just before Wrestlemania, WWE had to do without its loyal audience that followed it all over the world, thus avoiding even staging the famous live events, which were once called house shows, which were only used to entertain the public rushed to the arenas.

For a little less than a year, therefore, the WWE Superstars have been performing only for TV shows and PPV, but despite the drastic amount of less work, every now and then, unfortunately, they do get hurt. After seeing the return of Braun Strowman in the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown that aired in the night, it seems that another athlete currently in the WWE infirmary is ready to return to action, Chelsea Green.

After being the victim of an arm injury that occurred in her debut on the WWE main roster, the girlfriend of the former McMahon athlete (Chelsea Green), Zack Ryder, seems to be close to receiving the okay to return to the ring by the medical staff of WWE, with the well-known overseas site, Fightful, which has in fact reported several updates recently.

The latest news on Chelsea Green's status

As reported by the journalists of the well-known site, in fact, the girl would reappear in the gyms and on the rings of the Performance Center during the entire month that is about to close, with her presence also confirmed in Robert Stone's personal gym at the alongside athletes Britt Baker, Santana Garrett, Deonna Purrazzo and Reba, who could in fact be proof that the girl is ready to return to the ring.

After about two months, therefore, her time for the WWE rings could be back, with the girl who could be one of the surprise entries of the women's Royal Rumble, which will air between tomorrow night and Monday, with the surprises that will obviously also be many others.

Chelsea Green has a lot of fans in her mentions. Some of them have great things to say about her, but you’re always going to have negativity when you’re dealing with social media. Green has a way of dealing with that.

Some fans saw that she was “liking” tweets on Twitter that were throwing shade at women’s wrestling. She explained that she likes those tweets, not because she actually approves of them, but because it is a defense mechanism for her.

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