Mia Yim tests positive for virus

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Mia Yim tests positive for virus

Some rumors have spread about the alleged positivity to the virus of Mia Yim, former star of NXT and current member of the stable RETRIBUTION with the name of Reckoning. The confirmation came in these hours from the person concerned, who wanted to post a message on her Twitter profile: "This morning, around 10:30, I had denied a rumor about my positivity to the virus.

I must therefore leave a message. Over the last few weeks, I have undergone several tests and all have failed. Last week I was also calm. This afternoon I had another test and I tested positive. I ask you the courtesy to respect my privacy.

Please try to stay safe, sanitize your hands and wear a mask. I'll see you soon."

Mia Yim tests positive

The wrestler will therefore have to undergo the quarantine period established by the provisions and was not able to attend the women's Royal Rumble.

There is no news, however, regarding the health conditions of former NXT Champion Keith Lee, her companion outside the ring. Most likely, however, he too will have undergone a test and await the outcome. Unfortunately, the health emergency continues to be a very serious problem globally, especially in the world of wrestling.

Chris Jericho revealed he contracted the virus in September, albeit asymptomatic, and recently Drew McIntyre had to temporarily stay away from the ring because he was positive. Fortunately, the Scotsman quickly recovered and his match against Goldberg at Rumble was not canceled.

AJ Styles, Miro, Renee Young and, to remain in the Italian context, Luca Franchini, have also contracted the virus. A clear signal of the gravity of the situation, unfortunately still underestimated by many. Due to this condition of uncertainty, WWE is still reluctant to admit the public back to the arenas, but the hope is that WrestleMania 37 can represent the turning point, obviously making them enter staggered and respecting social distancing.

Mia Yim revealed that she tested positive for COVID-19. She will miss the Royal Rumble, and we are wishing her a speedy recovery. Through it all, she still has to deal with hateful fans. Yim replied back to a fan who seemed to be happy about this news.

That fan said, “I hope this means non of the NXT girls are gonna be in the Rumble!!” Mia Yim fired back at this fan by telling them exactly how she feels. It is never okay to take any kind of happiness from someone’s illness, especially with a situation like this. Hopefully, Mia Yim will be able to get through this awful situation and continue on with Retribution very soon.