AJ Styles takes shot at Paul Heyman

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AJ Styles takes shot at Paul Heyman

In the last episode of Talking Smack, Paul Heyman and AJ Styles met and had a discussion which then culminated in a sentence from the former WWE Champion who has been causing a lot of discussion in recent days. The Phenomenal One, in fact, told Roman Reigns' client that nothing would make him happier than seeing him lose his job.

In 2020, AJ had made no secret of his thought that Heyman himself would play a major role in the release of his two trusted friends Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Shortly after, the heel switched to SmackDown to get away from Paul Heyman, at the time Executive Director of the red federation show.

AJ Styles takes shot at Paul Heyman

Speaking about a future match regarding the same AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, current Universal champion and Tribal Chief, Paul Heyman used important statements to increase the eventual hype for this meeting and in this regard, there was no lack of response in tone from the former TNA.

"I agree, but it is my decision and I will be the only one to take it after winning the Royal Rumble Match... Monday or, at most, Friday. If I had to choose to face Roman Reigns and then beat him, he will no longer be the head of the table will no longer be the point man.

However, this would also mean that you would lose your job and nothing would make me happier than seeing you without a job. What do you think, Omos? Yeah come on, that would be great." Although AJ Styles is a Raw Superstar, he was able to take part in the latest episode of SmackDown for the Brand-To-Brand Invitational.

Styles himself will also take part in the next Royal Rumble Match this Sunday and if he wins, as you well know, he can decide to face the WWE Champion or the Universal Champion in the Granddaddy Of Them All, WrestleMania.

Paul Heyman was then asked about a SmackDown star possibly winning the Royal Rumble and coming after Roman Reigns to put a dent in his title reign. Paul Heyman said that anyone who was not capable of challenging Roman Reigns at The Show of Shows shouldn't even be in the Royal Rumble match: "If they can't put a dent on Roman Reigns, can't push Roman Reigns to his limit, if they can't be a worthy competitor at WrestleMania then they don't belong in the Royal Rumble.

And it's not just people on SmackDown either. I've had been an eye on people on RAW and even someone who may appear out of nowhere, whether they be from NXT or elsewhere."