WWE wants revert to its original one-night WrestleMania schedule

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WWE wants revert to its original one-night WrestleMania schedule

In recent weeks, the desire of WWE to announce not one, not two, but three of the next editions of WrestleMania, with editions number 37, 38 and 39 which in fact already have a seat and the dates from which they will be sent on air.

With a nice video in full Hollywood style, WWE wanted to communicate to its fans that the next three editions of Wrestlemania will air respectively from Tampa Bay, Dallas and Hollywood, with this year's edition, which just like that of the last year, however, it will be divided into two evenings, namely those of 10 and 11 April 2021.

Apparently, according to what was revealed in his latest interview by Stephanie McMahon, Executive Vice President of WWE, the federation should return to the usual one day to air the show of the shows, with the experiment staged in these two.

years, which should in fact be abandoned soon.

Stephanie McMahon on unique WrestleMania announcement

In her latest speech released to TV Insider's microphones, Triple H's wife and daughter of WWE Chairman Stephanie wanted to take stock of the situation regarding WrestleMania, saying: "We want to maximize value.

The two nights are unique for the time we are living. We have plans to return to the one night stand for future Wrestlemania events, but of course, we'll see what happens this year. Our main interest is to give our fans the best possible show, which we are sure they will have, both for those who will watch it live and for those who will watch us all around the world.

" At the moment the idea of ​​the WWE would be to return permanently to the single day of Wrestlemania, as happened up to edition number 35, with the experiment successful last year, which will be repeated again this year and which should only be a phase due to the pandemic.

Once the terrible moment is over, WWE should return to "normal", resetting its Showcase of the Immortals on a single date, except if this year fans get even greater feedback than the past years towards the company.

In that case, the McMahons could decide whether to propose again the event divided into two days or not. Stephanie and WWE are working towards returning things back to normality, but the pandemic has made things difficult.

Hopefully, a year from now, we will get to see WrestleMania as it was meant to be seen. On one night, on the grandest stage of them all.