Lars Sullivan reemerges before the Royal Rumble

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Lars Sullivan reemerges before the Royal Rumble
Lars Sullivan reemerges before the Royal Rumble

In recent weeks there has been a Smackdown Superstar who once again disappeared into thin air, after returning to the McMahon-owned wrestling rings after more than a year from his last match, with the mammoth athlete who for a very short period was so back to claim victims as he passes, without making distinctions between his opponents.

We are obviously talking about Lars Sullivan, the athlete belonging to Vince McMahon's stable, who for a long time had been kept out of the federation rings, first for disciplinary problems and then for a bad injury that had also worsened during the recovery of the fighter and who had so forced to the pits for a long time.

In the episode of Smackdown dedicated to the Draft of the federation, Sullivan had in fact returned to tread the surprise rings, with his performances that were ultimately entrusted to the blue show, thanks to the WWE Draft, aired both on Monday Night Raw and at Friday Night Smackdown.

Shortly before his return to the ring, Sullivan had returned to post a video on his Instagram account, as a little clue to his fans, probably. The Royal Rumble pay-per-view is coming up very soon. This is interesting timing, to say the least.

The company has plenty of spaces left to fill in the Royal Rumble match. Perhaps Lars Sullivan will make his big return in the ThunderDome on January 31st.

Lars Sullivan has been out of action for a long time

Once again, after weeks of absolute silence, Lars Sullivan is back to post a video of his hard workouts in the gym, on his Instagram account, entrusted to his daily stories, with the private profile of the WWE athlete that he has seen come back visible one of his workouts in view of a possible return to the scene.

Sullivan has now been missing from the WWE rings for months, that is after a few weeks after his return, last October 9, in which Sullivan only made surprise attacks against several athletes intent on fighting their match in the ring at Smackdown.

After a backstage interview with the federation, conducted by Michael Cole, there was no more news of Sullivan. That this latest video is a clue that the athlete will return to the WWE rings at the Royal Rumble? In doubt, we post below a screenshot of the story that Lars Sullivan posted on his personal profile, which is not publicly accessible to everyone.

We’ll have to wait and see when Lars Sullivan shows up on the blue brand again. He hasn’t been around recently, but that could change. SmackDown will present their go-home episode before TLC tonight. Lars Sullivan could be inserted in any number of plans as the company looks toward the Royal Rumble in January.

Lars Sullivan Royal Rumble

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