Rey Mysterio reveals his Mount Rushmore of wrestling

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Rey Mysterio reveals his Mount Rushmore of wrestling
Rey Mysterio reveals his Mount Rushmore of wrestling

One of the protagonists of the Friday Night Smackdown rings who has been having a little less of the limelight on him in the last period is the former world champion of the company, Rey Mysterio. After a long first-tier feud against Seth Rollins and Murphy, who later became a member of the Mysterio family, getting engaged to the nineteen-year-old daughter of the San Diego folly, Aalyah, the head of the Mexican family of the Mysterio, has embarked on a feud against King Corbin, who had gone to attack both him and his son, in the latest episodes of Friday Night Smackdown.

After a feud lasting almost a year, against the Monday Night Messiah who had tried to completely blind Rey and who had tried to do the same with the young Dominik, Rey went to a second-tier feud, against the king of the ring, who apparently, however, it should soon give some surprises to the fans, despite the current little importance of the feud in the Smackdown rings.

What is next for Rey Mysterio?

Interviewed by the microphones of Forbes, Rey Mysterio revealed: "I have a little surprise that will eventually come out soon, I'm just waiting for the right time to do it, and the whole Smackdown family will know ...

we know that Corbin is a former Golden Gloves boxer, so maybe we could go down that path." While Rey Mysterio has remained fairly generic in his statement, it's likely that WWE's Mexican-born talent will team up with some famous boxer friend or a former fighter of some martial art (see Velasquez), to fight the abuses of the king of the ring, who every week goes to annoy both Rey and his son Dominik.

At the moment, Cain Velasquez is no longer under contract with WWE, following the company's decision to fire several wrestlers who no longer suited the company during the pandemic, but once some of the problems unleashed with the outbreak of the global pandemic have been resolved, WWE could retrace its steps, recalling some athletes from the recent past who had been temporarily removed, including Velasquez.

Dominik Mysterio is one of WWE's many rising talents. He made his presence known back in 2019 when his father Rey Mysterio was feuding with Samoa Joe. He initially spent most of his time on the sidelines during his father's matches but finally made his first in-ring appearance at SummerSlam when he faced Seth Rollins.

Since then, Dominik Mysterio has been involved in a couple of matches, mostly against Seth Rollins and his former disciple Murphy. He is now engaged in a feud with King Corbin along with his father Rey.

Rey Mysterio Mount Rushmore

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