Update on WWE plans for The Rock at WrestleMania

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Update on WWE plans for The Rock at WrestleMania

WWE is gearing up for another Road to WrestleMania without The Rock. It is very unlikely that this will be the year of the highly anticipated return to the ring of the wrestling star who has become famous as a Hollywood actor.

'Ringside News' was the first site in the industry to assume The Rock's absence from WrestleMania 37 for certain. The idea was that he might be the one to interrupt Roman Reigns' seemingly unstoppable rise as Tribal Chief, but of course, the health emergency that has exploded all over the world has been instrumental in postponing everything.

Confirmation came on 'Wrestling Observer Radio', where Dave Meltzer discussed what The Rock is likely to do at this point. The Great One wants to perform in front of millions and millions of fans, but fighting in a WrestleMania disputed in respect of social distancing (and therefore with the public connected from home) is not in his style.

The latest news on The Rock's status

"I know how Dwayne's brain works on these things," Meltzer pointed out. "He has this mindset, and I know it from all the discussions we've had together. For him, and I say this based on how great his fame has become.

globally, the idea of ​​performing in front of 100,000 people means a lot. Of course, this year, whatever the number of audiences attending WrestleMania 37, it won't even come close to those numbers." Assuming he really comes back, and I don't know if he will, he will do it in front of a large audience.

Besides, there are other more important things about WrestleMania that could get in the way of him at any moment. I always thought, however, that if everything were held at SoFi Stadium, The Rock would have been there," concluded the People's Champion.

WrestleMania will not go to Hollywood until 2023. WWE will, in fact, organize WrestleMania in Texas in 2022 as this year's plan has been postponed. The overall impression is therefore that the big comeback will have to wait for WrestleMania to return to Los Angeles.

The Rock will undoubtedly still be a big draw at that time, but a lot can happen in those two years. A WWE source has told SK Wrestling that WrestleMania 37 will reportedly have several former WWE Superstars and veterans. SK Wrestling's Lennard Surrao wrote that top stars like John Cena, Hulk Hogan and other legends are being considered for the show.

"WWE is following a tried-and-tested pattern of getting back part-timers for big matches and special appearances. It was noted that this year's WrestleMania would be a 'parade of former stars' who will 'put their brand of acceptance' on the new generation."