*Spoiler* List of WWE Royal Rumble 2021 surprise entrants

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*Spoiler* List of WWE Royal Rumble 2021 surprise entrants
*Spoiler* List of WWE Royal Rumble 2021 surprise entrants

Like every year, WWE always manages to give great surprises with its Royal Rumble, with the contest made up of 30 men or even 30 women, which is the perfect match type to insert different returns in the event card – even if only for one night only – of former WWE wrestlers, legends or athletes who recently worked elsewhere.

Also this year, obviously, the WWE was no less, with both Royal Rumble being the perfect scenario for several returns, which we are now going to extrapolate in a complete way, both as regards the real male brawl, and the brawl involving female wrestlers.

Royal Rumble 2021 threw up a few surprises

Let's start immediately with the women's Royal Rumble, which was also the one that aired first in the PPV card, won by Bianca Belair, to the delight of WWE fans, with the dispute that has also seen numerous returns within it, or those of Jillian Hall, entered with the number 8, that of Victoria with the number 10, that of Torrie Wilson with the number 17 and that of Alicia Fox with the number 21.

Also intervening in the match, there were also several NXT athletes, who may have only made a one night only appearance on the main roster, for Rumble, and then returned to NXT, or maybe they could have been assimilated into the main roster, see Rhea Ripley.

As for the men's Rumble, the surprises were even bigger, with the winner being Edge, who entered the top two contenders and remained throughout the match. To enter by surprise without the fans could suspect anything, these guys arrived: Carlito with the number 8 (who was also expected at Raw Legends but had never appeared in front of the WWE cameras), Kane with the number 18, Hurricane with the number 23, Christian with number 24 (although everyone was convinced that the wrestler was now permanently retired from in-ring competitions) and Seth Rollins with number 29.

It is not known for the moment if all these athletes are back for just one night (see Kane and Christian) or if they will continue to work with the WWE, but for many of them, the return to the ring is certain, such as Rollins, who he was missing from the Smackdown ring for the birth of his little Roux, with the paternity period now seeming to be over.

Once again, the Royal Rumble proves to be one of the most beloved times of the year by fans, with the Road to Wrestlemania now following it, which will be even richer in surprise and hype for the WWE Universe.

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