*Spoiler* Female stars receive huge pushes at Royal Rumble

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*Spoiler* Female stars receive huge pushes at Royal Rumble

The evening entirely dedicated to the WWE Royal Rumble is finally over, with real rollercoaster emotions that involved all the fans connected to the ThunderDome of the Stamford-based federation from all over the world, with a ppv that left its marks in a way persistent and that despite the absence of the live audience, it still gave a magical night to the whole WWE Universe.

Thanks to the victories of Edge and Bianca Belair in the most anticipated matches of the evening, or the two Royal Rumble matches, the male and the female one, but also thanks to all the other titled and non-titled contests that the WWE has organized for its fans, the entire people who follow the deeds of the McMahon Superstars spent several hours in total light-heartedness, with indescribable emotions that only WWE could give them.

Royal Rumble: Female stars receive huge pushes

A title change from this year's Royal Rumble event occurred during the Kickoff Show. In an evening that was almost totally overshadowed by the real brawls that dominate this ppv, there were also many other matches, such as the one that saw Drew McIntyre keep his WWE Championship against the Hall of Famer of the company, Bill Goldberg, in a very intense match that saw the Scottish of Monday Night Raw prevail.

After also seeing Roman Reigns keep his Universal Championship against Kevin Owens to give yet another surprise to WWE Universe fans, the women thought about it, with the match valid for the WWE couple titles that was sensationally won by former champions: Shayna Basler and Nia Jax.

The two fought and won their match against the reigning champions, Asuka and Charlotte Flair, with the daughter of the two-time Hall of Famer who was distracted by her father and her new girlfriend: Lacey Evans. An attack not seen by the Evans referee, allowed Nia Jax to end the contest with her finisher, bringing the titles back to the previous owners, who thus become for the second time female tag team champions of the Stamford federation.

Thus seems to have been born a real rivalry for Wrestlemania, with Charlotte Flair who will surely take revenge very soon on the former marine, that she has started playing with fire. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler may have become the new Tag Team Champions, but they still don't like each other, which became apparent during the Rumble.

Jax eventually eliminated her own partner, and Jax herself was eliminated by a returning Lana. While the Women's Tag Team Division hasn't made any huge leaps, it was nice to see how WWE connected the Kickoff Show match to the Women's Royal Rumble bout.