Becky Lynch trolls fans furing 2021 Royal Rumble

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Becky Lynch trolls fans furing 2021 Royal Rumble
Becky Lynch trolls fans furing 2021 Royal Rumble

Becky Lynch, wrestler and life partner of the famous WWE fighter Seth Rollins, could be the protagonist of sensational news. What is about to happen, she will be tempting to many wrestling fans who have long dreamed of her return.

In fact, it seems that the former Raw champion, who made her belt vacant due to her pregnancy, is about to return to fight. The woman, out of action since April 2020, after giving her world Roux, her beautiful child, seems to be preparing to return to the ropes of the ring.

Although she did not participate in the very popular Royal Rumble, she should be back soon. According to what was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known sports journalist Dave Meltzer has announced this hypothesis, which is clearly to be taken with a grain of salt since there is no concrete evidence.

This rumor, however, could correspond to reality, as many hope will happen. What could make this return even more interesting, as many of you know, is the resumption of the feud that had, albeit covertly, begun to build with Ronda Rousey.

The latest news on Becky Lynch

Is Becky Lynch back to fight in WWE after pregnancy? The wrestler, who gave birth to the first child Roux, has been training intensely for some time to return to Vince McMahon's shows. After this long period of absence from the ring, the Irish fighter is on the way back.

And with her, some remote possibility of a storyline that could involve Ronda Rousey, who has almost never lost the opportunity to provoke her rival. Currently, leaving aside the usually-alleged spoilers that leave the time they find, there are no explicit clues regarding a return to the ring of the former UFC star, who has also been absent for more than a year and a half.

We'll see what happens in the next few weeks but one thing is certain: this is a real dream match for all WWE fans. Becky Lynch vacated the RAW Women's Championship on the episode of the Red brand after Money in the Bank 2020, where Asuka won the Women's MITB briefcase at the WWE HQ.

Lynch handed over the RAW Women's title belt to Asuka and announced that she is going on a hiatus due to pregnancy. Becky Lynch had held the belt for over a year at that point. Becky Lynch has hinted since then that she will return to the ring at some point, but there's no concrete news yet in regards to her possible return somewhere down the line. Many fans believed that Becky Lynch would return in the Women's Royal Rumble, but that did not happen.

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